MAY & JUNE 2012 - post your new additions here !!!

  1. Love Gris poivre! ❤
  2. Love this color to pieces:heart: many congrats!
  3. Thanks designer diva, I'm don't baby them, but I have been pretty lucky!:smile:
  4. Yes, you could say! Thanks!:smile:
  5. Yes, I will post the comparison shots for you shortly.

    Thank you ladies, for sharing my joy :cloud9::cloud9::cloud9:
  6. Thank you. Btw, I love your rose bruyeree TT but Hamilton is sold out in my size. I'm just so happy it's now available but in agneau, so I am treating myself to one :smile:.
  7. hi lvcrml,

    here are the comparison shots, I hope it's helpful.
    IMG_0226.JPG IMG_0228.JPG
  8. Beautiful rose b work!!!
    Congrats to Magjes on yours at the end of April!!
  9. argent fonce town!
    photo-267.jpg photo-268.jpg
  10. My first city ! Absolutely love it .
  11. A big thank you to all the numerous posts and reveals on tpf made it easier to decide . I just can not get over the smooshiness of this bag.
  12. Thank you for your great pics..
    They really helped
  13. SO pretty!! Congrats!!

    I wonder if anyone has a comparison pic with 04 rose. I'm thinking of getting rose bruyere but can't justify it enough since I have 04's rose :sad:
  14. LOVE the distressing on this bag! Congrats!!
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    Pretty bag. What color is it, Gris Poivre?