May I show my new rings?

  1. Without intending to I've upgraded my wedding rings this year. :smile: First, I found the prototype of the ring that I copied years ago being sold from a brick and mortar store that was going out of business. Then I discovered that my insured diamond was chipped so I added to the insurance check and got a better cut and color (also lovely blue fluorescence). Then I decided a lovely narrow diamond band would finish the look nicely, and I might as well just spring for it.

    The ring is Michael Bondanza, the stone is Whiteflash, and the band is Mark Morrell. I've been married too long for anyone to notice my rings and make the lovely ooo and ah noises, but I did want someone to notice. :heart:

    BW_032.jpg New Image2.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! Congratulations!

  3. What a gorgeous style...sets off the stone beautifully!

  4. simply gorgeous
  5. oooo!! aaahhhh!! gorgeous!
  6. Your rings are lovely! Wear them in good health!
  7. they're stunning, congrats.
  8. ooo ahhh!
  9. Congrats on your new ring. That's a nice surprise to start the year 2007. Its very lovely.
  10. oooh aahhhh! they're beautiful!
  11. I'll make the oooh ahhh noises. Congratulations your rings are beautiful!
  12. Thank you, everyone!:love: I will have been married for 25 years on my next anniversary, so this is the only forum I have to show off my engagement and wedding rings. Thank goodness I have you all.

    I just reread my post and realized how badly I've over used the word "lovely," ugh, how embarrassing.:blush:

  13. Congrats.. both rings look 'lovely' :p beautiful.. gorgeous.. what a fantastic way to celebrate 25 years of marriage :smile:
  14. Beautiful! Congrats!
  15. beautiful!!