May I share pictures of my new awesome 2005 pewter?

  1. Its more shiny than in the pictures but had to turn off the flash to get it to come out decent. This is a hard color to photograph since it reflects the colors of its surroundings. I photographed it on a RED RUG!! so it looks coppery. I think there is a hint of pinkish tone to it though.

    I LOVE THIS - even my DD (who HATES and thinks its RIDICULOUS to spend this kind of $$) LOVES it!!

  2. Now thats a BLUE rug isn't it?? Here's the one on the red rug :smile:[​IMG]
  3. Ohh really cool!!!
  4. It's so pretty Rocco. Congrats on your beautiful bag!! :love:
  5. :yahoo: Congratssssssss!!!!!!:yahoo: That's one HOT bag!!!! Beautiful!:love:
  6. Wow, the pewter is really growing on me :girlsigh: It really pops!!! congrats! :heart:
  7. It's gorgeous! That's my favorite Bbag color in the metallics. Congratulations on that beauty!
  8. That is a hot bag...congratulations!
  9. Gorgeous, congrats! It looks fantastic!
  10. WOW! Stunning! I want to reach out and touch it!
  11. Whoa Rocco! :drool: :drool: :drool: Your bag is stunning! TDF! Pewter is my favorite Balenciaga bag made. Your pics are amazing! That color is very hard to photograph. Thank you for sharing. Congrats on the new pewter!
  12. i never get tired of pewter! love it.
  13. LOVELY pewter!! My first balenciaga love!!
  14. pretty!!! very eye catching!
    congrats :yahoo:
  15. Thanks everyone! I'm thinking its my favorite one too. (of course I've thought that with every single one) . You know there's a pewter classic listed right now.

    This one is in amazing condition. Got it a little bit off retail because there are some white spots on the handles - NOT a big deal at all. (better lighter handles than DARKER handles) the rest like new.

    THIS one should satisfy me . . . for awhile . . :0