May I share my new H goodies?

  1. I would like to share pix of my new goodies please:

    *Violet Karo, which arrived today
    *Orange Carmen Keychain, also arrived today
    *Cyclamen Agenda, the refills arrived today
    *Yellow Agenda (dont know the exact name of the color)
    *Blue Jean Eiffel Tower Keychain

    Missing from the photos is my Orange Dogon wallet, which I have had for a while and its in my bag....

    Now I need some other colors, like blue or pink dontcha think?
    H goodies.jpg H goodies!.jpg Violet Karo.jpg
  2. ALL Beautiful !! Congrats !
  3. What lovely goodies! Gorgeous mix of color!
  4. WoW! What amazing and delightful colors!!!
  5. Wonderful pics!

    Show your Tour Eiffel on your bag!
  6. schweeeet! i love every single piece. :yes:
  7. thank you!:shame: I use the yellow agenda as a checkbook cover...does anyone know the correct name of that color?
  8. Lovely items! Enjoy!
  9. Oooh lovely items! Violet is such a pretty color ^_^
  10. Beautiful..I love the colors!!
  11. congrats!!!!!
  12. oh and love the violet karo
  13. GORgeous! Yummy! Congratulations!

  14. Beautiful items! Love the Violet! I think the yellow is Saffron, it has a bit of orange-y undertone to it. Hermes does not make too many yellows...
  15. Congrats on your yummy new goodies!!!