May I see your Black First please?

  1. I really enjoy the thread about Black City. All the bags are awesome. However, I'm the First girl and thinking about getting black first.

    May I see your fabulous Black First please? :tender: I hope it's not too troublesome....

    Thank you very much! :P :heart:
  2. my truly fabulous 03 first!
    not too much trouble at all! fortunately, i just took pictures last night since i'm gearing up to sell some bags. :Push:
    03 First 001_tPF.jpg
  3. Here's my 02 first :smile:
  4. percephonie, that '02 is killing me! absolutely gorgeous!!!!
  5. percephonie - your classique is killing me. I know it's splitting hairs amongst the older first bags - but that's the one I want! The older smooshy leather - as opposed to the thinner more crinkley leather. :heart:
  6. This looks delicious!!! :yes:
  7. Here is my '03 black first with silver hardware :girlsigh: IMG_0518_1.JPG
  8. WOW!! These are all just stunning bags, ladies!!! congrats!!
  9. here is my '05 s/s first:
    grenatfirst 007 (Small).jpg grenatfirst 009 (Small).jpg grenatfirst 008 (Small).jpg grenatfirst 011 (Small).jpg grenatfirst 010 (Small).jpg