May I proudly introduce...

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  1. My first (and probably only -hhaaaa till now!) vintage 40 cm Birkin in marron.

    She aged in dignity, nevertheless the leather is quite dry, but after a treatment with Burgol she started shining again - have to repeat that a few times, especially on the side(s).

    I am constantly carrying her around and starring at her :smile:
  2. Can't see any pictures. Could please re attach so we can all see this beauty.
  3. I can't:sad: purseforum says, that the files aren't valid (but they are jpgs?)
    Thought I had a brilliant idea linking to imageshack:sad:

    Have to think about it
  4. It works on my iPad but they are v small! Would be lovely to see a larger version :smile:
  5. I was able to click on the link but the photos are small. Your B looks great and congrats. The first one is always special.
  6. I am sorry that the pictures as so small:sad:

    I copied one out of my FB acount, so I hoepe that one will be inserted.

    Attached Files:

  7. Congrats.
  8. She is beautiful; i hope you have many many years of enjoyment!
  9. Lovely, congrats!
  10. Congrats!
  11. did you polish her yourself with Burgol ?
  12. Congrats! The bag is stunning! Love it!
  13. Congrats! May I know what leather this is - wondering what Burgol goes on what type of leather
  14. Hi, I couldn't quote all of you , so I am going to write my answers without quotations:

    I was told, that this was courchevel, the bag is C (1999). I applied Burgol by myself, yes, but had a talk to a leather expert before.
    It worked out quite fine but I had a few "eeeks" moments applying Burgol- first it gets sticky, but that is only a few minutes, than it does miracles.

    Living in Europe we do not have access to the products recommended here, so I had to work with available products!

    Thank you for your nice words and compliments! I am soooo proud of her!