May i present you my blue family : counting 4 members!

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  1. Some of you asked for a blue family shot, so here it is. :love:
    I love all balenciaga blues. Now, I have two blue bags : a 05 Teal work my HG and the latest : a 08 turquoise day :yahoo:
    & Two blue accessories : a 06 Blue India portefeuille and & 08 sky blue make up :yahoo:
    I hope my blue family will keep growing... euh... well, i said i'd stop after this SB MU, until the A/W collection. :crybaby:

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  2. some more pics.;)

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  3. I love your Blue Family ... great colors, so jealous!
  4. thanks sweetpurple. the color of all 4 blues are much more beautiful IRL, the lighting was really bad today, no sun here.
  5. Great blues! Love your "family"
  6. delmilano..I adore your Teal Work,is GORGEOUS:love:... :drool:.. :drool:..:drool:!!!!
    And your turquoise day:wtf:??Without words...I want one:hysteric:!!!!

    CONGRATS on your fab accessories:heart: too!!!

    Thank you Soooooo MUCH for sharing:flowers:!!!!
  7. i love all the different shades! what a great little family
  8. fabulous!
  9. Thanks delmilano. :flowers:I love your Teal Work.:tup:
  10. Beautiful collection of blues!
  11. Oooooh :drool: i love blue bbags!!! Congrats :yahoo:, i love them all!
  12. Beautiful blues!
  13. love your blue family! :smile:
  14. Yes, I agree the Bal blues are the best. I have 5 bbags, 3 of which are blue. I love the color blue. Beautiful blue family!
  15. LOVE your blue collection!!:love: Bal blues rock!!:yes: Congrats!!:tender::heart: