May I present, Master Rudy

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  1. Back in December, I said goodbye to my beloved Harley:

    Shortly after his death, I realized the silence in my home was deafening, and, knowing he was across Rainbow Bridge, I was ready to welcome another fur baby into my life.

    RUDY, was adopted from the WA German Shepherd rescue on December 16, 2010 at 9 mos of age. He is a GSD with "Special Sauce" - most likely some Siberian Husky. I am now, finally, sharing him with you here. He is a gem, a diamond in the rough, I am enjoying polishing to a brilliant shine. Today, he is too-pooped-to-pop after a big run at he P-A-R-K and 18 mos. old.

    First R-I-D-E in the Car


    P-A-R-K with friends

    For those who have loved and lost, I want you to know, it is possible to find love once again. It is different, but it is just as wonderful.

  2. oh, he is gorgeous!
  3. He's beautiful! It's wonderful that you and Rudy have found one another and will be able to give each other lots of love and joy. I'm very happy for you!
  4. Rudy is a handsome guy! Congrats on finding a new furball to love.
  5. What a cutie!!!

    I'm happy for you, OP. I know it's hard when you lose a beloved pet and it can be difficult to open up to loving another. I hope Rudy warms your heart as I'm sure you'll touch his :heart:
  6. This.
    And I am so pleased to hear about Rudy. Bless you for giving him his Forever Home - wishing you all many, many happy years together.
    Harley is surely looking down on you all from the Bridge with a big smile on his doggy face.
    Rudy is beautiful :hbeat:
  7. He is a very handsome boy and looks very happy with his doggy pals! That is wonderful you now have each other. I know what you mean about the silence being deafening and Rudy was obviously just waiting for you ...
  8. He certainly IS handsome!!! He looks like lots of fun!
  9. How wonderful for both of you! He has intelligence shining out of those eyes.
  10. Rudy is a pretty boy!

    And I went and read your post on Harley and I'm crying now...:cry:
  11. What a handsome fellow!
  12. What a beautiful boy! I was LOL at spelling out the words. My girl, Angel, had to be spelled around too. LOL I am so glad he is helping to heal your heart.
  13. Such a cute poochie! Glad you found a new friend!
  14. He is a good looking fellow!!!! Such a sweet face, so happy for you both.
  15. Oh my goodness, Rudy is ADORABLE! I love GSDs (my childhood pet was a beautiful German Shepherd and I plan to have another one in the future). I'm so sorry about Harley, but am happy that you and Rudy have found each other! :smile: