May I please see pics of your TEAL florentine satchels?

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  1. I've been looking all over for better pics of this particular bag in this color and just can't seem to find any others than the few 5-6 on google. This color seems to be quite the chameleon in certain lighting!

    I would greatly appreciate it! :biggrin:
  2. jen: sorry I can't post pics, (I don't have a smartphone or a camera) but I do own 3 teal Flo handbags... a side pocket hobo, a mini satchel, and a domed satchel. In the evening or in florescent lights they look almost navy blue, In the Dooney store I had to hold the teal up against a navy Flo to see the difference. In my closet, I can't tell the teal from the navy unless I put them side by side. In natural light the teal is a beautiful dark teal color... with more blue undertones than green. I also have a dark green Florentine handbag. The teal looks very different than the dark ivy green Flo.

    The one thing I should add is that color is not necessarily consistent from handbag to handbag. Whether it's the piece of leather, the process, or the amount of light the bag has been exposed to, you will sometimes find significant variations.
  3. Hi Jen, I don't have this bag anymore but I still have pictures. It's the double tassel satchel in the color teal. I do miss this bag. To me it was more on the greenish teal side. Good luck!

    Here it is indoors. The photo is kind of dark though.


    Here it is in better light


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    OMG, this bag is gorgeous! What the heck TB? You give up such pretty bags, but I know this bag is on the large side. I do love the teal. I wouldn't mind one in this color.
  5. Holy crap it's amazing!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I really appreciate these replies! :smile: :smile:
  6. OMGosh, how did you ever part with her? Just a stunning bag. I have that style in Dillen but really wanted a flo.....
  7. Thanks YD! I know...I know.... I messed up. :shame: I got this one on clearance at the outlet. She was all scratched up and look like heck. I took her home and conditioned her and she looked as good as new. I think I should have given it a little more time to get used to her. Now this is one of my regrets and I want this bag again.

    Thanks Jen! You're so welcome. I hope you find what you are looking for. :smile::yes:

    Thanks KC! I know, I'm really regretting this one. I want this bag again.
  8. I JUST bought a teal florentine in the largest size last night. I can't wait to get her! I can only hope she's just as pretty as the one you posted :smile: I will update with pics when she arrives!
  9. Ooohhh congrats Jen! I'm so happy you found one. I can't wait to see. I'm sure she is gorgeous! :loveeyes:
  10. OMG! Where did you find it? I can't wait to see!
  11. Thanks, ladies! Poshmark/a dooney Facebook group. I'm so excited! Shows up dark in this photo but honestly it's different in every pic... Such a chameleon! EEeeeeeee!!!! :biggrin:

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  12. Love it!!!

  13. Beautiful! I just love the red zip tape against the teal.
  14. Gorgeous...I have one in the small of my favorite Florentines.