May I know which Chanel boutique or department stores u shop the most?

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  1. I have ordered my Chanel bags from Nordstrom MN and Saks NY before. I am very happy with their service & collection! How about u? Can u share where u shop most of the time?

    Thanks! :yahoo:
  2. I shop at Saks in Greenwich because I can save on tax. And if I am very impatient and don't want to wait until something is shipped to me, then the tax is still lower than in NY. Plus, I love the shopping strip in Greenwich and the SAs at Saks are fabulous!
  3. I seem to always want what is never readily available! So I always buy from wherever has it. Most of the time it's from NM in Troy, Michigan though because jag's SA Lisa is such a sweetheart and can find almost any bag you want!
  4. Can I have your SA Lisa's contact # or email?;)

  5. I've used Lisa also. She is wonderful to work with! Lately I've used the Chanel boutique and NM at Tysons corner. It's close to where I live so I can always make a trip to see before I buy. Plus I found a good SA that I've enjoyed working with.
  6. I've almost always bought from the Chanel boutique in the Short Hills Mall in NJ. My SA always finds me what I want, and I like the people who work in that store too, all very friendly.
  7. CHANEL San Francisco

    I use Cari.
  8. Saks in Bala Cynwyd, PA (tax free shopping) and my local Chanel houston boutique here
  9. Tax free? Is that b/c you're out of state?

  10. I tried PMing you but I guess it's disabled for users with a certain amount of posts. But just call the Neiman Marcus store in Troy, Michigan and ask to be connected to the handbag department and then ask for Lisa. :smile:
  11. NM and boutiques.
  12. Mostly from the NM Chanel boutique at the Westchester Mall, occasionally from Saks (NYC, and Greenwich, because the selection of the latter is much better than the former), and moreso in the past, from the Chanel boutique at SHM (where I essentially lived throughout college haha)! :smile:
  13. Chanel boutiques or department stores got greater collection?