may i know the price of herbag mm

  1. may i know the price for herbag mm......btw....i'm trying to get a bag from hermes.....any recommendation? heard that i need to get some things from hermes before i can actually buy a bag.....issit true? :confused1:
  2. The Herbag is no longer in production by Hermes. When it was available it was in the $1700 USD range. You might be able to purchase one from a reseller.
  3. So it´s true oh no:crybaby:
  4. Actually I received a navy mm approx 3 weeks ago... and the Hermes SA stated that there are just a handful remaining...and the starting price is $1800.00...Good luck with your bag search...
  5. hey thanks PennyD2911

    :wtf: oh no......btw thanks for your info really appreciate
    any recommendation on which hermes bag to buy?.....i'm trying to get my first hermes....:smile: