May I know the model of this pair of sunglasses?

  1. hello everyone :smile: :flowers:
    does anyone know the model of the pair of sunglasses i've attached together with this message?
    i think it's really beautiful and i would love to purchase it :heart:
    thank you very much for your help :tender:
  2. I've never seen those, is the picture from a reputable place??
  3. I've never seen them before either. Who's selling them? You need to make sure they are authentic, maybe post them in the "authenticate this" section.
  4. oh...i'm not sure because i got the picture from a girl's blog that i read.

    thank you very much for your help :smile:
  5. Yeah, I just looked through an entire Chanel optics catalog at the optical boutique I use and saw nothing like this, I would question authenticity in "authenticate this"
  6. I agree. I work with sunglasses and I've never seen a pair like this. If I am correct, it doesn't look like there's any printing inside of the arm either. And IMO, I don't think chanel make any sunglasses with printings like that, it's not like chanel! :nogood:
  7. hehehe...oh yea, that's true about the printing on the inside arms...hehehe...that's really very observant of you, saint2sinner...thank you for that :smile:
    Lola24 and DD101, thank you for your help :smile: hehehe...i think i would conclude that the pair of sunglasses is not authentic at all :tdown: