May I know how much is a mini paddy?

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  1. Hi I'm new to Chloe and want to get one so badly. The paddy is simply so gorgeous!! admire you gals..

    May I know how much is a mini paddy? Thanks a lot! :heart:
  2. the mini is not much less than the regular (medium) paddy. RRP in the UK is between 675 and 695 (more for the metallic version) which equates to about 1350 to 1400 dollars retail. But the sales are on at the moment, so you may find one for a better price :smile:
  3. thanks :heart:
  4. There are a few baby paddy's on eBay right now going to great prices :graucho:. Depends which color you are looking for.

    Diabro also has some black ones for about $850 USD.
  5. I'm thinking of nutmeg/rouge/argent. Anyone has seen them around? :idea: