May I join you? Plus a question!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm a devoted Chanel fan, but as more and more of their items become logo-centric, I'm trying to move onto more subtle brand. I think Bottega Veneta would be perfect for me.

    I've been lusting after a woven hobo forever. But then I saw the Sloane (see pic) and now I'm in love with that. Do they still make the Sloane? I've only seen it on bluefly. Does anyone know what other colors it comes in?

    Many thanks! Looking forward to getting to know you ladies.

  2. Welcome! The Sloane is a wonderful bag! It was my first BV bag. You will not be disappointed with the BV brand. I have always favored quality over style/trendiness, but BV has it all. You may be able to find a Sloane through Nordies, they had it this past winter. Ask your Nordstrom SA to hunt one down for you. Beware, at least 99% of the Sloanes on eBay are fake!

    Also, take a visit to the BV boutique at 800N Michigan. Ask Kevin, a great SA there, to get one for you.
  3. ^^^^
    Thank you! There is one on Bluefly. Is it fairly safe to order from them? I know there was a fiasco with fake Prada bags on Bluefly a couple years back...
  4. By the way, is the Sloane quite LIGHT? I love how light the woven hobos are.
  5. the sloane was my first BV too!

    you will love, love, love the sloane. The shape is so easy to deal with, it's super light and comfy and fits a surprising amount of stuff. Before I got one was really resistent because I thought it was too small, but really it's just perfect.
  6. Is the leather hard to take care of? I LOVE the cream color but I'm not a very neat or careful person with my bags.
  7. Hi, welcome to BV sub-forum... I have sloane bag too, it's really light. It's as light as veneta. If you like metallic color, ottone color is really gorgeous...
    And yes, bluefly sells authentic BV bags. I bought some of my bag there... However, recently our pfer received what looks like a used bag from them. but then again, they have a good return policy.
    What color are you looking for?
  8. Hi cutiekiara!

    I'm hoping for some kind of brown, preferably medium to dark brown. I love the cream, too, but I'm afraid I would get it dirty.
  9. Welcome to the Bottega side! We have only limited BV availability here in in Vancouver so I haven't ever seen a Sloane IRL, much less tried one on - but I have had good luck with getting a BV from Bluefly in the past. Be sure to check out our brand new (thanks again jburgh) Reference Library here for pictures of a number Sloane bags - hopefully you will find one that strikes your fancy!
  10. yeah I wouldn't go for the cream for your first BV either, the leather is very durable but lighter colored bags do tend to get dingier and to me the beautfy of BV is that you can totally throw the bags around and not worry at all.

    you need to check out ottone, you'll fall in love at first sight, gold can count as a "medium brown" ;)
  11. Just checked the Sloane thread on the Style Reference Library and it doesn't seem like too many people have posted pictures there yet - so maybe instead check out the brown thread on the Color Reference Library and see the various BV browns that might be available for the Sloane!
  12. Ooof, ladies, I really need advice... to get cream or not to get cream... I LOVE the color, but will it suffer from color transfer? Is it just too delicate? I will try to be careful, but... just not sure. I do love it a lot.
  13. I personally think that BV leather is very delicate.. I have to baby them more than my other bag.. it's sort of like chanel in lamb leather.. So, if you want to get the cream color.. you have to be extra carefull..
  14. ^^^
    I think you offiically dissuaded me. Thank you. Beautiful bag, but probably not right for me. I abhor babying ANYTHING I own, no matter how nice. Thanks for your honesty, again.
  15. I'm not a good one to ask. I have a white BV and I'm too afraid to even take it out of my closet... I just look at it and can imagine it getting grubby! I do think that some others here have mentioned colour transfer from their jeans etc. on some of the lighter BV colours.