May I Humbly Have Any Info on a Bolide

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  1. I agree with all the comments - the bolide is a wonderful bag. As to rigid or slouchy - that is such a personal preference. I have each kind and like them both.

    I always feel that the simpler the bag, the brighter the color can be. The bolide has such clean, classic lines that I like those with a pop of color.

    G/L in your decision!
  2. I'm also very interested in purchasing a bolide (actually, eventually, 2). I'd like a larger one in the mou style and a smaller one in the rigide style.

    The first to be purchased will be the larger one. I would like the bag to be big enough for the handles to be carried on my shoulders (I'm not a strap wearer), but not so big to look like I'm carrying luggage (I'm a vertically challenged, petite 5'2"). In birkins, I wear 35s.

    Colour is another thing I can't decide on. I'm drawn to blues like BdP and BB, but don't know how available they are. No indigo, as I have a birkin in this colour, and I'm extremely hesitant about black (too somber). Would a larger bag in a bright colour (reds, fuschia family) overpower me? I also am thinking about raisin or ebene. In other words, I just can't decide!

    TIA for all your advice.