May I Humbly Have Any Info on a Bolide

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  1. I am an occasional visitor to the Hermes Forum and I must say how impressed I am with your general level of knowledge of the brand

    I know that the Birkin seems to be the most popular bag of choice but it's another bag that has stole my heart.

    I have a few Hermes items, deerskin leather cap, black GHW CDC and some wonderful clip-on enamel button earrings but no bag as yet

    I want to buy from the store not on line so I'm nervous of appearing ignorant


    I would love a Bolide.

    I want a neutral in a colour with a 'yellow' base tone or noir (no white stitching) My favourite is black with ever calf (is that right?)

    37 minimum but not a travel

    Could anybody tell me what sort of leather is 'best' for the Bolide in your opinoin? Do I have to order an ever calf?

    Does anyone know the current range of prices for the bag?

    This is definitely one I have to save up for but it'll be worth it.

    All info is appreciated, I can't go into Hermes looking like the fool I am;)

  2. The Bolide also comes in Clemence for a more slouchy look. Some people like a structured Bolide and those are usually Chevre. In the U.S. a 37 Clemence Bolide is $6,400.
  3. Bolides are both gorgeous and practical!! You won't regret it! :nuts:
  4. Dianagrace, thank you I will read these avidly

    Kallie Girl, thanks for info this is the kind of detail I need

    and_kelly_1day thank you for your input. I hope so;)
  5. Bolide is such a great bag. I have a 37 in clemence and love it. You should find quite a lot to choose from at your location(s).

    As a reference, I bought mine in 2007 for 3800 Euro.
  6. Ooh Bolide is my absolute favourite, too! Not long ago I saw a dark brown Bolide at Heathrow, could have been chamonix or evercalf, the SA had no idea and couldn't be bothered to check. Bolide comes also quite regularly in fjord, box, vache liegee (these three definitely stiffer) and swift (super slouchy) apart from clemence and chevre. Have seen it in togo and croc, too, and as a SO everything is possible. The price was a bit under 4000 euros earlier this summer in France. I can't decide whether I like the slouchier version more than the sturdier, so I probably must get one of both :biggrin:

    Do go to the store and ask all the questions you may have, the SA's love to help and tell you everything that you wish to inquire! (especially as it is not a Birkin you're after ;))
  7. ITA -

    It is a lovely lovely bag - I'm sold on the practical 37cm size. And because there is hardly any hardware and its simple shape - lends itself to being more brightly coloured than I might chose for a birkin or kelly.
  8. I think it's a marvelous bag and probably more user friendly than a Birkin or Kelly as far as ease of getting in and out of it. And, it's lighter too, and unlike the Birkin, it can be carried with a shoulder strap.

    I've alway loved the sleek modern lines of it and was surprised to read that the Bolide has been around since the time of the introduction of the automobile. I think the story goes that when Emile-Dumas' wife went for her first ride in the new car, she asked him what on earth she would carry her things in, and he responded by designing the Bolide for her. When it came out it was called the Bugatti after the racecar, but Bugatti threatened to sue, and Hermes had to come up with another name.

    I think it's the first time a zipper was used on a handbag, as well. Anyway, it's a great bag, and even though I like to see it keep it's shape and prefer the more rigide style, the softer mou style certainly has its followers too.

    Good luck and have fun deciding on your Bolide. Be sure and come back and show us what you get.
  9. I usually take a Mou Bolide when traveling by plane. I can quickly zip it to go through security conveyor belt, carry with the strap, and most importantly the Mou variety can fit under a seat or above without the fear of it being bent to fit.
  10. my peko - Thank you, that's a definite recommendation from one who knows

    MsReyer - Thank you - yes, I can see the beauty of both. Right now I think I'm leaning towards more structured but I think I need to see different leathers IRL

    Roo Cambonne - Thank you - yes, I agree but I thought I would get a more neutral colour first. Wow listen to me now (I'm blushing)

    Lillyhermes - Thank you, I adore the historical background - Have you ever seen a Bugatti? They were beautiful too. Any car manufacturer now would be flattered Hermes would name a bag after their brand ;) Somehow I think you can see the 1920s in the Bolide - very Art Deco, no?

    I will come back and show you - but don't don't hold your breath. I like to consider carefully as I don't like to do the regrets/returns thing. I want to know what I want ha ha

    golconda - Thank you, I'm a frequent flyer for work - so food for thought.

    Thank you everyone for the info on prices and types, I'm beginning to understand what I should be considering now - and you've made me feel more confident
  11. I have an Etoupe Clemence 37. It weights about 1lb empty which is lighter than the Birkin and it can fit loads. I wouldn't say it goes with everything but I would definitely say it doesn't clash with anything. The shoulder strap is great to have especially when traveling or shopping or carrying a lot. It is a little on the slouchy side but it depends how much you plan to carry. I paid 3400stg approx in London earlier this year. Also a plus in the current economy, the Bolide is its not as recognizable. I wasn't sure about it when I purchased it but now I love it. Good luck with your decision!
  12. the 37 bolide is a wonderful bag. i have rouge h fjord and love it. easy to use and easy to get into and out of. comfortable with or without the shoulder strap.
    great to travel with; totally under the radar. great history and you don't have to sell your soul to get one.
    hth and looking forward to your reveal.
  13. Kallie_Girl, Thanks for listing that particular
    price. :smile:

    papertiger, you can't go wrong with a Bolide bag,
    I love the rigide style and this is my dream H bag.
    If you can purchase one, definitely go for it. :smile:
  14. What leather to pick is dependent on what sort of look you'd like for your Bolide - rigid or souple. Personally, I prefer the Bolide rigid, so I vote for any of the stiffer leathers like Fjord which will keep its shape.