May I have your opinion on these two denim bags?

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  1. I dont care for the first one but I adore the Denim carly!
  2. Between the two, I like the Carly as well.
  3. I will go against the grain here and say that although i love them both, i am totally in love with the first one and will be purchasing it this weekend!
  4. I vote carly too. I would love the carly as well but my shoulders are too narrow.
  5. I tried both on in the store, Although I think the Carly is beautiful, The Sig. Den. Stp. Tote looked better on me.....The bag is beautiful, the size is great,I just loved it so this is the one I wanted and my Hubby bought it for my birthday.........such a great bag, I have no regrets for choosing the denim bag over the Carly.............Either bag is a great choice!
  6. baggirl, for sure one bag is bigger than the other, does that matter to you? have you tried these bags on in person because it DOES make a difference. and the bias is as you know...lots of girls love the carly here..including myself. i think you already have my opinion here hehehe.
  7. Thanks so much everyone, for your input!

    Aquablueness -- I haven't seen the Tote in person, and the size does matter to me. I was thinking that the Tote would be more functional for me, i.e. throwing a water bottle in there, book, etc.. as opposed to the Carly. I do love both shapes, and I do love either Denim fabric! Thanks for your reply!!
  8. I love the Carly! I really like the shape. I definately think you should go try them on too! (If possible!) They're both beautiful, though!
  9. are you concerned with the color transfer of the tote?
  10. Carly!
  11. I like the tote the best. I love the Carly but just not in anything but Khaki. (Don't ban me!)
  12. i love them both
  13. I own the large denim Carly and I LOVE it!!
  14. Both are nice... but I prefer the Carly :smile: