May I get some second opinions on my new (used) wallet?

  1. Last week when I was on a buying binge, I bought this wallet from a mypoupette seller on Ebay for a steal ($305). It looks okay to me, but just need some reassurance. I am very happy with it, for the price the condition is very good. :love:
    lvwallet.JPG lvwallet2.JPG lvwallet3.JPG
  2. Forgot to add; I will be selling my LV mono vintage wallet on the Marketplace if anyone is interested. ;)
  3. It is very pretty and I think that was a good price too!;)
  4. I think it's cute! It has some character. I took a peek at the LV store today and wasn't too impressed by some of their selection. So boring. The SA was pushing the Perf Speedy. It does look like a dog carrier in person!
  5. Wow it looks great :smile:

  6. Very pretty.
  7. i really love it, congrats :smile:
  8. I love the wallet. Enjoy.
  9. Very cute and great deal!
  10. I bought the same one and i :love: it!!Just a question:maybe it's just the pic,but it seems to me there is a small darker spot on the coins flap's vachetta,located in the middle of the flap,more or less.Mine has the same sign,but a lot darker,i think due to the closure button.Is there anything i could try to fix it or make it clearer?
    Thanx a lot!!:wondering :shame: :amuse: :smile:
  11. you got a great deal on a limited edition. it's very pretty.
  12. very nice.
  13. Beautiful! Congrats.
  14. Congrats!! The wallet is in great condition, very cute and you got it for a killer deal!
  15. Cute wallet! congrats!