May I ask you a question? :)

  1. Hi! I'm new here in LV Forum.:yes: I would like to ask you guys about the informations of my LV frog bag. This one my mom she bought it from Japan looong time ago as a gift for me. I really don't know about the information of it(how many did they produce, the price ,...) Is it limited? Thankyou:yes:

  2. Hey there Sakara- the lady with the lovely Hermes collection.
    Your little frog is adorable and yes it is a limited piece, I have actually only seen three of them with in the last year floating around on eBay for sale.

    I can check some of my books and PM you with anything that I find...
  3. It was part of the conte de fees range and a butterfly, owl were also produced as part of this range....very cute:heart: I think this was one of the best collaborations:yes: Here it retailed for $1200 Aus $$
  4. :tender: :blush: Thankyou so much amamxr & shalomjude! :biggrin:
  5. That is adorable. I just love the color.
  6. Sakara54, that froggy is so cute (and so is ALL your Birkins..........I am so totally jealous of you!! i want a birkin.................i have to ask my!!)
  7. Thanks smith,couture_girl:love: :yes:
    couture_girl- I love your bag collections! they are very cute:love:
  8. and, of course, you are 17................imagine what your Hermes collection is going to be when you are 25!! I am only 12, so I have some years to work on it!! (LOL)
  9. I love your froggy!!! Sooooo Cute!!:heart: :yes:
  10. the frog is so cute :yes:
  11. Welcome here. I love that frog.
  12. cginny, mbarbi, moko007 - Thank you :flowers: :blush:
  13. Ooh cute frog! :biggrin:
  14. ahhh its sooo sweet! wow what a piece! i need to look at your collection!!!
  15. OMG I've never seen that before! I LOVE IT! It's adorable!