May I ask a very naive, novice question?

  1. Do not be offended as I am very new to the designer handbag world and I just simply don't know the answer to this question. Are all Hermes bags thousands and thousand of dollars? My mouth dropped open when I saw the price of some online, ranging from $13,000 on up. Wow.

    Thanks for the info.
  2. Naaaaa.....some you can get for just a few thousand. Like the Picotin at $1,600.00 for example. The Kelly's and the Birkins are up there but new in the store should run about $7K for a basic Birkin and a little less for a Kelly.....once you get to the exotics you'll need to mortgage your house though.....LOL!!! Just kidding......:s
  3. ...and for the exotic Birkins with diamonds, maybe both kidneys. Hmm, actually, I don't think that would cover it but I haven't priced kidneys on the black market..:p
  4. Shopmom you are too funny!

    Hermes does not come comes LOVELY!
  5. Also what you see online are mostly reseller's prices and they do charge a hefty surcharge (for that surcharge you receive a bag that might not otherwise be that readily available to you, so it's tit for tat). Hermes is not cheap by any means but it is not as expensive as what you often see on eBay if you buy from the boutique.
  6. The other thing is H is great vintage and used... honestly, the way they hold up and the spa options, it is a great way to go!!
  7. Well, I guess so - they are unmiskatenably authentic, but they mark stuff up like it's a contest to see how high they can go! :wtf:
  8. Welcome! Sorry you were spooked by CDL's gorgeous auctions. Yes, it's bad but not THAT bad when you pay retail. :smile: