May Day Exhange

  1. Everyone who signed up for the May Day Exchange has just been sent their Secret Sister. If you did not receive it, please pm me.

    Please note packages must be sent no later than April 20, 2007 with delivery confirmation or some sort of tracking. Please send me the tracking number so we can be sure the package has been sent. Don't forget to include your Purse Forum name in the package so that your secret sister will know who to thank.

    If you receive your gift early, feel free to let us know and post pics of the package but no opening until May 1st!

    Have fun shopping! :yahoo:

    April 20 - the last day we have to mail out the gifts (earlier if you are going international)
    May 1 - date we do our reveal/open presents

    People participating:

  2. are you serious?!! we have to wait until 5/1 to open it, even if we get it early?!!!!!!! :wtf: I don't know if I have that kind of self control!!!!!

    but thanks for doing all the legwork... I got my SS and am already trying to decide what to buy!!! :graucho:
  3. I know May 1st... i have no will power i love opening gifts :nuts:

    I got my SS and im trying to figure out what to get...
  4. HAHAHAHA! Yeah, you gotta suffer with us, lol.:roflmfao:
  5. *excitement* *excitement*
    Thanks for organizing this for us :heart:
  6. This sounds awesome I wish I would have been able to sign up. Let me know if you do this again!!!
  7. seems so interesting all of a sudden :yes:
  8. i think this is going to be fun. i'm alwaz involved in secret swaps on a couple boards that i'm on, i don't know why it's so much more exciting to put something together for someone else...
  9. I'm soo excited :yahoo: Thank you for all your hard work and organizing this for us. I need to know what size my secret pal wears so if you could let me know this, I would appreciate it.
  10. yay! I just got internet access today and saw the pm :heart: I happy ^__^ can't wait to go shopping! weeee... Thanks for organizing this!
  11. I forgot to hit the confirmation message that showed up! I did receive the pm! Thank you! Im starting to figure out what to get my ss!
  12. whoohoo the party has started!!! im going to go shopping for my ss! thanks for organizing this Disney! This is going to be my first time :graucho: sooo excited!!
  13. Ok, I already sent my package to my secret sis! I used USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. I will send you pm Disney :biggrin: ...oh yeah make sure you take pics of it when you get it..i hope you like what i did :biggrin:
  14. I have yet to go shopping :oh: my mom doesn't know about this whole secret sister thing and part of me thinks she might be against it. I have to wait until next week so I can drag my bf around the mall and find things... lol
  15. well mine was kind of hard to find, I had to go to like 4 different stores to see if they carry what she wanted lol have fun searching :biggrin: