May be getting a Silverado, need a little guidance!

  1. I really want a black Silverado and have seen a few on, has anyone bought off this site?

    Anyway I don't know what size to get, as I have never seen one in real life before, does anyone here have one and have a pic they could post? There is a small with silver buttons and a bigger one with black buttons but I really wanted the silver buttons, what do you think I should do?

    Also it says the small is bufallo leather and the bigger one it just says leather but in the pics it looks the same! Does anyone know what leather they come in?

    How small is the small? I have compared the measurements on Diabro to those on netaporter to get an idea but they are in different metric things, are there just two sizes of this bag?

    Thanks in advance!:yes:
  2. Also, is Diabro like net a porter as in they pay the customs charges for you?
  3. Also, ther is a black Betty in medium as well, which bag is nicer? The silverado or the Betty and is the medium Betty really huge?
  4. In the older style (original) silverado bags there were 2 main sizes. The medium, which was about 16.5 inches long, and the large, which was close to 20 inches long. There was a sort of mini one, but it was relatively rare. I am not familiar with what is on, but I imagine the current sizes may be similar. I love the large, but it all depends on whether you are a big bag lover or not.

    Here is a centimeter conversion tool.
    centimeters to inches conversion calculator - length @ metric conversions . org
  5. The medium betty is not huge at all, it's a perfect size, but it holds a lot.
  6. I am so confused, there are three black ones on there,

    Silverado S bag bufalo leather length 20 width 40 depth 14-16 108,000 JPY
    Silverado bag leather length 20 width 46 depth 14-16 98,000 JPY
    Silverado bag leather length 48 width height 20 depth 16 128,000

    It is so confusing working out the size as they all seem to be different, and they are different prices but I thought that may be because of the different coloured buttons? Also, it says one is bufalo leather and the others it just says leather but they look the same in the pics!
  7. Those measurements above are cm
  8. I do believe that some silverados are made w/ buffalo leather and others are made w/ calfskin.
  9. Do you know which is nicer?
  10. I have to say that I think I would choose a Betty over a Silverado now. I think the silverado is starting to look its age, imo, Bettys are hotter now than when they first came out, they have achieved a great following and will be around (imo) for a good while yet.

    If I was choosing between the two now, it is definately the bag I would choose :yes:
  11. I agree I really like the Betty, now I just bought a paddy which "has started to age" a while ago trendwise but I just love the design.
    I think it all depends on what you really want and:heart: .