May be a stupid question to ask but, ...

  1. I ordered the Soho Stitched Large Leather Hobo in Chestnut last night from and I was looking on eBay for what they were going for. Both eBay and say that the strap is adjustable. In the pictures though there are not places to adjust...the leather is attached to the brass ring on either side.

    So my question, how can you adjust this strap? Please let me know how it adjusts or if it doesn't and the two sites are incorrect. :confused1:
  2. Is there a buckle on one side that isn't shown in the picture?
  3. No, not that I can see.

    Here's a pic from an eBay auction because the coach website only shows the front.


    This is a white one, but it's the same thing. I don't see a buckle to adjust anywhere.

  4. I would do that "ask a question" thing to the seller, I am really curious now.
  5. Just left a message with and the ebay seller. I'll let you know what I get a reply.
  6. wow, that was quick.....and you said says it is adjustable? hmmm
  7. I wanted this bag until I saw it in person and realized the straps wern't adjustable. The bag felt funny on my shoulder and was sitting up high right under my arm.
  8. That happened to me with the small version of the stitched hobo. I actually returned it because it was too small. I am hoping this is bigger. If not this might also be going back.
  9. I love this bag.
  10. Yeh, me too! I had the small in black signature and it was a bit too small for my essentials and to fit nice over my arm.

    But, this one is much bigger, so it should be good. Should be here Tuesday I hope. I'll post pics then.
  11. A Saturday in February 2007. It's been a year since a new coach bag. Visiting Macy's NP, Dallas before some dinner. I'm searching in shoes, husbands in handbags checking for steals. He takes a while, I meet him there knowing full well he has found (something) jackpot, because he's rarely in poor taste. I try it on, I look hot. It's a hit, husband scores B-I-G time!

    I love my new coach bag!
  12. I really think this bag is a cutie!