May be a dumb question- reissues...

  1. which do you all think is more "classic"- bordeaux or dark silver. In other words, which do you think I will appreciate more in 20 years? I love the dark silver, but should I sell my bordeaux to get it?? :confused1: TIA!
  2. accckkk...don't sell your bordeaux! I just got my dark silver and wish I'd been able to find the bordeaux!
  3. The Bourdeux, IMO, is more classic. Metallics go through trends...some years they are in and others they are not. Although metallic never goes out for formal occasions. I definitely think the bourdeaux is more versatile....and I love that bag! It would be my choice over the metallic, if I could not have both. HEHE
  4. bordeaux is more classic. i find the mets trendy. but both are nice!
  5. OMG if you sell your bordeaux I will stalk you. I love that color:nuts:

    But i also love metallics and I don't think that certain metallics will go out of style. It just depends on how subtle or loud it is. I am getting the dark gold reissue which is a subdued gold and i think i can wear it for a long time

    How bold is the silver?
  6. the light silver IMHO is too bright for day wear. My dark silver is still pretty bling but depending on the light it seems to take on different hues:


    I am DYING to find the nonmetallic reissue in the dark grey or bordeaux that I think might be more classic. I'm still so torn about whether I will keep this dark silver one or not...
  7. You will be kicking yourself if you sell your dark silver. That bag looks AMAZING on you!!!!

    I love my bordeaux reissue and I am so excited to get the dark silver reissue as well. Your photo confirms my excitement!!!! keep!! :heart:
  8. And to answer your ?. NO!! Don't sell your bordeaux. Get both!!!
  9. I love your dark silver! It's gorgeous. I'm on a list for that one. Congrats!!
  10. Yeah, I will keep the bordeaux reissue, that's definitely a classic!
  11. I have the dark silver in the 226 but I would love to have the bordeaux. I missed it. Don't sell it.
  12. Keep the bordeaux, add the silver :p
  13. LOVE LOVE your dark silver!!! Gorgeous!! :yes:
  14. hmm... maybe an idea... I'm TRYING to be good, though :p
  15. Larkie, that bag looks great on you!!