May be a dumb question, but what's an APO address?

  1. And is it more expensive to ship to an APO address? Is it safe as long as the buyer has a confirmed address? Thanks!

    OK, so I Googled it, and it stands for Army Post Office. Is there a reason not to ship to an APO address?
  2. I think it just means that that person is currently in the military...and often APO's are in another country. (For example, I bought something on eBay from someone at an APO address - it ended up coming from Germany.) I'm not too sure on prices though...
  3. I had an FPO address when I worked overseas. As I understand, mailing costs should be the same as to any other U.S. address. There are some limitations as to what can be sent to an APO/FPO address, but I would think as long as it's confirmed, it should be fine. Hope someone with more experience will chime in too!
  4. yup, should be the same price as u.s. army post office..
  5. I've shipped to APOs many times and the pricing is the same as shipping within the U.S.
  6. it is the address used as an SHIP address, FPO-AP is west coast and APO-AP is east coast
  7. Yes, it's military address. Some of my buyers have such this address and they said item usually take manier time to arrive there than the normal address.
  8. Yes, like everyone said it is a military address. My Post Office said that anything going from my Post office to an APO will first be routed to a Post Office in NJ, and then the (in this case) the Army picks up the mail in NJ and delivers it to the APOs overseas (although there are some for posts/bases in Hawaii as well as in other countries.) The Military pays for this mail distribution rather than the Postal Service. The reason people avoid sending things sometimes is that they can take forever to get there and have a higher chance of getting lost, depending on where it is going. I've sent to a lot of family members in the military and never had anything get lost, but I also haven't sent anything too high in value.
  9. ^^ Also, if you send mail, even written mail, to an APO you can expect that it will be opened and inspected before it is delivered. This became standard procedure after the time that person was mailing anthrax in letters to government officials.

  10. Yikes! If it takes longer to get there, the buyer had better pay soon! It's a Halloween costume for a toddler!

  11. I think the military does random checking of the letters and packages... not all letters and mails are checked/opened.

  12. no that is not true i just came back from a deployment,none of our mail is opened nor our care packages.
  13. not true.
    it's random and if they choose to do it, it's ususally because the package is suspicious.

    DH has spent over 1/2 of his enlistment deployed and none of his packages have ever been opened/searched/lost...etc etc.

  14. lost...yes
    dropped inthe ocean ...yes
    while on deployment we watches as 5 pallets of mail fall in to the ocean was not a good day:sad:
  15. haha, well, that has to suck. Point of my post was to say out of all the time my DH has been deployed he never had issues.