May as well buy in-store if pre-owned is just as costly?

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  1. Greetings and salutations my fellow LV lovers,

    I'm planning on finally making my very first LV purchase ever (gasp!) and while I had been looking forward to the "buying ceremony" if you will, in an LV boutique, I'm also researching the brisk resale market and wondering if that's the way to go; especially after following a thread alluding to quality deterioration over the last ten years.

    I'm curious as to price threshold/ceiling one would reach for a pre-loved item before just spending a bit more for the in-store purchase. For example: a new Speedy 30 on the US website currently costs US$970. Yet the NWOT/EUC market is often upwards of US$7-800. If that's the case, one might as well just purchase directly from LV, yes?

    Any thoughts?
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  2. For your very first LV, treat yourself and get a brand new one. And yes, with that price difference, it's another reason to buy new. My bff was looking at pre-owned for her first and I suggested brand new if she could afford it. The whole experience is fun and special, so go for it and enjoy!
  3. I think it just depends on whether you're okay with buying it in the secondhand market and for the price it's going for.

    Personally, if I was in the market for a new bag and the secondhand market is a $200-300 difference, I would rather go buy it directly from LV to have the experience as well as peace of mind that the item I am purchasing is authentic and that I'm the first user.
  4. Yes! I am really looking forward to the wonderful in-store experience, the satin ribbon-wrapped fancy box, etc! It's certainly a ceremonial rite of passage for a first time purchase!
  5. I have not experienced any quality decline and I have been buying Louis Vuitton for 20 years. And if there was ever a problem, Louis Vuitton would take great care of you. In fact, you should mention to your SA that this will be your first purchase. Many SAs go the extra mile to make it feel even more special.
  6. It also depends if you fall in LVoe with a style of bag that's been discontinued, then the only way is pre-loved. Whatever you decide enjoy your first purchase.
  7. This bag will break your LV virginity and you're never going to forget her or the experience that came with it. My vote goes to treating yourself and buying her in store!
  8. I'd definitely buy new. It's such a special experience! I still love my first LV bag, even though I've bought and sold lots I find my first one to be so special that I'd never sell it. Try lots of bags on. It's amazing how some you might like more or less or find ones you might not have considered. Have fun!!!
  9. I own both new and preowned LV items. I buy preowned if the item is discontinued; otherwise I buy new from LV.

    Remember all that glitters isn't gold. Research and purchase from trusted sources.

    Good luck! Happy shopping!
  10. Unless I was specifically hunting for a discontinued design or the bag is listed as new/lightly used and significantly discounted (i.e. around 35%+ off current retail) I would buy new. It's piece of mind knowing that it's authentic and that it hasn't been hiding in someone else's armpit or hand.
    Congratulations on your upcoming purchase and welcome to LV!
  11. +1

  12. I have NEVER understood this mindset.
    First of all, you will find many people who prefer to buy new and some who prefer to buy preloved. I will only buy new.
    My outlook on luxury is that if you're going to spend hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars, have a true luxury experience. Go to the store, get it new, unused, no marks from other people, stains, smells, etc. Even if you find something that someone claims has never been used, you have less confidence in that then buying from the store. Also, you should have a more trusted experience buying directly from the store, you obviously know it's authentic, you create a purchase history, and maybe even meet s great sales associate that you will turn to when the inevitable LV addiction kicks in!
    Buying a bag for only $100, $200 less is no deal to me. And if you are getting something for dirt cheap, I would be afraid it's probably not in good shape! Or maybe not even authentic for that matter.
    I think some people justify buying expensive items if they are on sale, so buying them from a secondhand market makes it feel like a sale.
    The last thing you should consider is that you really have no idea how many owners the bag has gone through! It's like a used car! With how rapidly people are buying and selling on the secondhand market, you could buy a bag it's been owned by five different people… Think about that!
    It all comes down to what you want, but I would want new. Yes, the price increases are very stupid, but if you are considering buying something, get it now because it doesn't seem like we are having a price increase anytime soon, and maybe not even this year at all!
  13. That is what I think;) And the first purchase in LV botique is only the best:biggrin:
  14. If it's only $200 less then you might as well buy it in store. The only time I would buy used is if I was looking for a discontinued item otherwise I prefer new.
  15. Buy it new, in the boutique. Enjoy the experience! :hbeat:
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