May 8th Barneys!!! What shoes will you wear?

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  1. Who is going to this event??? I would love to meet any of you who are going! I'm going to wear my black Jolie slides :smile:. Also, i've never been to this type of event. Do I need to purchase a pair from barney's? If so, should I call now and reserve the pair just in case they don't have my size by then??

    Can't wait!!!
  2. I went to the Saks one in NYC in Feb & I wish I did reserve a pair ahead of time. You do have to buy a pair in order to get them signed.
    I got lucky & found a great pair, but once again, I got lucky, does not happen all the time.
    So if you have a good SA that can hold them until you get there, I would suggest calling them in.
    They usually get a big shipment the nights before the event.
  3. Thanks for the tip Stinas! Are we allowed to bring others for him to sign?
  4. Hmm... i'll call barney's tommorow and find out :smile:
  5. xnplo, at the Saks event in NY you could only have 2 pairs, bought that day at the store (at the event), signed. They didn't have a limit at first, but they set one when the line and wait time was getting ridiculously long.
  6. Poop. Oh well, I'll just get me some hot Red Simple pumps ! hopefully they have it ;)
  7. oh no i hope i find something there cuz i only wear 70mms and something colorful
  8. Thank you, rjd~ Guess it's time to start hunting around, and reserve something for that day... :ninja:
  9. Hmmmm I wonder what the rules will be at this event at Barney's because the one I went to at NM Scottsdale (two or three days after the Saks NYC event in Feb) the rules were less strict. I did buy declics, but I brought my HGs the Electric blue suede rolandos with me and he signed both!

    BUT I was fourth in line to see him... I just suggest getting there early enough so that you can be in the front because I think that once Barney's realizes how crazy it can get, they will start limiting what can be done to accommodate as many people as possible. (as mentioned by RJD)

    ps I think we should start organizing something for this event! Im 90% positive I will be making an LA trip that week for this event... but I will be 100% if we want to organize something fun! Who's in!?:P
  10. Sounds fun, bos... Count me in. :yes: How early were you there at the signing you went to? I might need to plan the whole day off, instead of 1/2 day... :thinking:
  11. i'm in i'm in!!!!
  12. Sounds like it will be fun, but I will probably have a work meeting that day. I was able to have my SA get a pair signed in February though, so have fun and post pics.

  13. Well I got there about an hour before, and there were already a few ladies there getting smashed on the champagne and trying on shoes like crazy!! About 20 mintues before it officially started, people were rolling in... 5 minutes to go and the line was busy and then NM suddenly filled up out of nowhere! I was actually surprised I was able to get such a great spot in line because this event was held on a saturday @ 2pm on a day when everyones at the mall and most have off! But i have a feeling that LA will be much busier... I'd like to get there a couple hours early so I can try my shoes and not have issue, kwim!?

    Ok so far there are three of us! Do we maybe want to grab coffee or a light lunch before/after? Oh wait, does barney's have something inside of it, like the BAR ON 4 at NM!?! That would be amazing!!! Last time I was at Bar on 4, a couple years back, I sat next to janet jackson and jermaine dupri!!!
  14. ^^I'm in too! They do have a restaurant in there as well :yes: