May 1st Releases??

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  1. I am looking to purchase a new bag but I was wondering if anyone has any info on what will be released the 1st of May? thanks
  2. My sa sent these to me a couple days ago. I believe May 2nd is the release date image.jpg
  3. image.jpg thats the pink one
  4. image.jpg the colors of the Pallas pochettes
  5. image.jpg new vernis color in the louise...and it has shimmer:smile:)) She also showed me the new epi color but that's not till July can't remember the name but it's described as a poppy color looked like a warmer corail like a reddish pink very very pretty I already have a few thing I'm looking at in that color. Hope this helps a little
  6. Oh goodness, if the pochette comes in pink I might have to grab one. Hot pink is my weakness.
  7. wow this is so pretty love the color

  8. Love the color.. Thanks for sharing.. :smile:
  9. +1 Gorgeous indeed!!
  10. Love it! Thanks for sharing.
  11. I really like the pallas. I wonder how much
  12. I'm assuming it's the same price as the Pallas now. I like the pochette with the pistache color and she told me it's the same price as the Pallas pochette out now.
  13. Your welcome:smile: There coming out with the 4 key holder in mono lined with the bright pink color also, and not sure if it's July or August but there's a couple new mono tote style bags they have zippers on the sides to cinch them in. Kinda cool looking but I gotta see them in person.
  14. Do you know if the pink will come in any empreinte bag?
  15. Ugh, I was seriously trying to keep a ban.