May 1 New Arrivals

  1. My SA called today and said he was holding for me some muliticolor bags that are being released on Monday, May 1. I told him I was especially interested in the one that was like a tote.
  2. Congrats! I think you're beating us all to the newest bags! First the Tulum GM and now this....lucky girl!! Can you post pics?
  3. FYI
    At some of the stores, the bags have already hit the shelf! Have you seen pictures???

    ETA: if someone can tell me how to post pics..I can post some.
  4. That's so cool. Post pictures when you get it,
  5. omigosh! i want to seee!

    i have a feeling it may be "curiousity killed the cat...err wallet"
  6. DYING TO SEE PICS!OOOHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PMed you-you can email the pics to me and I will post for you!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I just called Fashion Valley in SD. They said MONDAY!!!!:sad: Any one from San Diego know if they are selling them this weekend? I have been waiting for ever.. The wait is killing me....
  10. [​IMG]
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Right back at you!!! I forgot to add the retail info:

    Eliza - Small rectangular shoulder bag with zippered top (10.5" x 6.1" x 4") $855

    Priscilla - Hand-carry square bag with rounded corners and front buckled pocket (similar to Lodge pocket) (11" x 8.3" x 6.7") $1,320

    Aurelia MM - Rectangular tote bag with long shoulder straps and front pocket (15" x 10.2" x4.7") $1,250

    Aurelia GM - Same as above (17.7" x 11.8" x 6.7") $1,710

    Also, there will be a new line of Suhali bags:

    Suhali Cabas PM $1,960
    Suhali Cabas MM $2,170
    Suhali Cabas GM $2,800
    Suhali Cabas Traveler $4,480
  13. I dont usually like the MC line...but this last tote has my name ALL over it!!LOL
  14. ahhh...i love the priscilla! i already tried it on in our storage room, i think it looks fab.
  15. I really like the Priscilla! I have an MC Trouville, and even though I love the bag, the handles can sometimes make it a PITA to carry on your arm. The handles on the Priscilla are a little longer and they make it easier to carry on the crook of your arm.