Maxx New York handbags

  1. Hello. I have a few Maxx New York handbags. They are in great shape, I just want to sell them and make way for new additions. Closet space is at a premium in our home.
    I have listed in the past and gotten one or two to sell. Then again, I have listed the same purse at different times of the year, for varying prices and it is still here unsold. Can someone please give me a few bits of advice in selling this thing????? I have taken great color pictures of the interior and exterior, measured precisely, and I given a great description. Am I missing something? The only thing I don't do is offer to ship internationally.

  2. this month has been pretty slow for ebayers all around the board. give it some time and relist it.
  3. After the holidays eBay sales are way down. I have had a few things here and there that were listed several times and never sold. They ended up at Goodwill. Some of the less expensive bags are easy to find on QVC (they sell Maxx bags too) and at outlets so many buyers know they can usually get it cheaper if they look hard enough. You may have to really drop your price at some point. Its just part of the whole eBay game.