MAXX New York - classy look < $100

  1. cheetos....I like the top one..really cute!! Thanks!
  2. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i needed a red bag
  3. I like that one too!! Must resist. Must resist.
  4. i had to get it!!!!! im bad!!!
  5. ^ It's a great price for a good quality bag. Goes to show that you don't have to spend $600 or $1,000 for a nice bag! So, I don't think you're bad at all!
  6. I know, i cant believe the price!!! I cant afford those 600 to 700 bags... this bag loks great.... and i really needed a red bag... thanks so much for the post. Im getting ready for fall and i have bought about 5 bags within the last 2 weeks, and i really needed a red bag, i cant wait to receive this one.
  7. I actually love Maxx New York. They have good bags in the $100 - $450 range. I recently bought the double handle black patent leather tote & I cherish it. It's my bag du jour. It's classic looking but right on trend.

    I spotted a cobalt blue bag of theirs at Lord & Taylor today & I'm thinking of getting it, too. :-/
  8. are they real leather?
  9. Most of them are.
  10. I have the top one in Black. Purchased at Nordstroms on sale. I love it, very nice leather.
  11. I have a Maxx bag that I love! I get compliments everytime I carry it.

  12. Great collections and to be very honest as per your version if these bags are sold for <$100 it is profiatble for the customer.I personally preffer the last one.
  13. I have a few maxx bags myself. They dont cost too much and love the designs and they come in really cute colors. i get compliments all the time when i wear maxx bags.
  14. i grabbed the second in black! (sorry, it was the last one)
    i wanted the third but they only had bone left...
    thanks for a great deal! ive been looking for a great everday black bag and the price was right!