Maxter & Prada Psycho: Cyber Twins!

  1. I was cruising the NM sales page and saw a little something I've lusted after for ages now. I sent DH a pic of it earlier at work today. He replies with a sort of "uh huh..." So I forget about it.

    We sit down to dinner at home and he says: "Look under your plate." I'm thinking "WTF?" The NM card was under my plate! He says "Order the Prada!! Needless to say I jumped off the chair and onto my laptop. Here's the NM mug shot for those that may need a memory nudge what with all the rockin' bags that everyone's been getting lately.


    And it was 50% OFF!:yahoo:

    There WILL be photos and modeling shots when it gets here. This of course, is assuming that the order goes through. We ALL know what happens to orders of designer bags on the NM sales page when you try to order them.... :push:
  2. :yahoo: Prada Psycho!!!! Love that bag -- and love it even more at 50% off!!!! Love your husband, too!!!

    By the way --- what was for dinner?
  3. Holy Christmas....DH is a jem, isn't he Elaine? I will need to see lots of pics of this one!
  4. WOW...Can we borrow yer hubby????LOL!
  5. ^ Yeah really!! Forget the bag..we want to buy your hubby lol!!!! What a CHARM!!! Holy cow I would have choked-silverware would be name it!!! Can't wait to see pics!!! You deserve it girl!!! Congrats on the DH first...THEN the bag!!!!
  6. great bag, and yeah you're lucky to have him! I wish mine was like that:push: lol
  7. Awww Elaine - what a sweetheart you have for a hubby. Wow!

    Congrats and hope you love it when you get it. :graucho:
  8. How sweet! :tender:
  9. That is so wonderful of your hubby! Can't wait to see your pictures of the bag. It looks so pretty!
  10. :nuts: You lucky woman, you!! It's fantastic and we WILL be waiting for modeling pics!

    maybe your DH should call my DH and have a chat! Although I think it's best that my DH remains ignorant on bag prices. :graucho:
  11. Thanks everyone! And no, you guys can't have him. He's mine, mine, mine!

    Yep, for all his quirks (let me count the ways??), he's a good man and gets a lot of pleasure spoiling me. Of course *I* get a lot of pleasure out of him spoiling me too, so it's a nice arrangement. :graucho:

    Emmy, I nearly spit my coffee on the monitor when I read your post. You crack me up, Girlfriend! :roflmfao:

    Minette, Actually, up until I picked up my plate, dinner wasn't much special. Just chicken sandwiches and baby spinach salads. Sure tasted extra good for some reason last night.

    And while I'll believe it when I see it (I just do NOT trust NM on their online orders), I just checked my order info and it's showing in process with a July 2 delivery date. That's Monday and a heck of a nice way to start the week. :yahoo:
  12. Woah, so there is a man who understands us girls and bags!
    The sea would part before my DH would ever utter the words 'buy the bag'.....
    That's why I just have to buy them myself! Congrats, looking forward to the pics.
  13. ^^^You don't know the half of it, sarajane! Not only does he (well "sort of") understand bags, he's gotten to where he comes home and tells me the designer bags he's seen at work or when he's walking around downtown Charlotte (where all the money is around here). Better yet, if he sees a bag and knows it's designer, but not sure who it is he'll describe it in detail to me so I can tell him who the designer was. It was so funny last night, I was trying to figure out a bag he had seen. He goes on to say "You know, I'd better watch all this staring at women's bags. They may call the cops thinking I'm a purse snatcher scoping out my next victim!" And I'm secretly thinking, "No Dear, they'll think you are gay!":roflmfao:

    Actually if I think about it too long, I might need to feel concerned that he DOES show so much interest in handbags!:wtf:
  14. I can't spit out my coffee, since I don't drink it, but the diet Pepsi found its way into my nose. Criminy, Elaine, where did you find your dh, or have you trained him very well?? Having met him, I have to say he's one of the nicest guys I've ever met, and he's very proud of you (things he said while you were in a shop at SouthPark). You totally deserve that bag.

    Maxter, you and Elaine should go shopping together with your matching Pradas and knock everyone's socks off!
  15. Uh oh!! Do tell!!! That makes me reeeeeal nervous! Gulp!:wtf:

    BTW: Thanks for the nice words about my DH. He IS a nice guy, even when he's not slipping the NM card under my dinner plate. ;)