Maxim Magazine Presents: The Most Obscure Simpsons Characters

  1. They weren´t on the screen very long, but we´ll never forget them.

    Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabbadoo
    Episode: The Last Temptation of Homer (Episode Nine, Season Five)
    Why he´s awesome: This guy´s name is actually Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabbaddo.

    Tall Guy
    Episode: 22 Short Films About Springfield (Episode 21, Season Seven)
    Why he´s awesome: If you want to see if someone is a true Simpsons fan, just turn to them and say, "Do you find something comical about my appearance?" in a low, slow voice. They will either respond, "Everyone needs to drive a vehicle, even the very tall." Or they´ll just stare at you for a little while.
    2974_joey_joe_joe_l1.jpeg 2975_tootall_forcar_l1.jpeg
  2. Worker and Parasite
    Episode: Krusty Gets Kancelled (Final Episode, Season Four)
    Why they´re awesome: They didn´t become Eastern Europe´s favorite cat and mouse team by making insane art-house cartoons that make absolutely no sense. Oh wait, yes, they did.

    Shelbyville Version of Homer
    Episode: Lemon of Troy (Episode 24, Season Six)
    Why he´s awesome: After some Shelbyvillians steal Springfield´s hallowed lemon tree, this version of Homer taunts the real Homer by biting into a lemon. The puckering and tears that ensue make him one of our favorite characters of all time.
    2976_worker_parasite_l1.jpeg 2977_lemon_biter_l1.jpeg
  3. Handsome Pete
    Episode: Bart the Fink (Episode 15, Season Seven)
    Why he´s awesome: He looks exactly like a miniature Krusty, plays a little accordion and dances on the pier for nickels. What more could you want from anyone?

    Amish Guy
    Episode: Bart of Darkness (Episode One, Season Six)
    Why he´s awesome: When the Simpsons attempt to build a pool it turns out to be just a large barn. Amish Guy appears out of nowhere to say, "´Tis a fine barn, but ´tis no pool, English." Homer responds, "Do´eth!"
    2978_handsome_pete_l1.jpeg 2979_amish_guy_l1.jpeg
  4. Johnny Tight Lips
    Episode: Insane Clown Poppy (Episode Three, Season 12)
    Why he´s awesome: After getting shot, Johnny stays true to his name by not telling anyone where he´s hit. When asked what they should tell the doctor, Johnny responds, "Tell him to go suck a lemon."

    The Happiest Man in Springfield
    Episode: Hurricane Neddy (Episode Eight, Season Eight)
    Why he´s awesome: After the town rebuilds Ned´s house, Flanders shows his gratitude by saying, "If you ever need a favor, just look for the happiest man in Springfield." Everyone looks at this guy, who says, "He´s talking about himself, people. But thanks for looking!"
    2980_johnny_tightlips_l1.jpeg 2981_happiest_guyin_town_l1.jpeg
  5. Euro Itchy & Scratchy Clerk
    Episode: Itchy & Scratchy Land (Episode Four, Season Six)
    Why he´s awesome: This over-the-top Frenchman who works at the empty Euro Itchy & Scratchy Land yells, "Itchy & Scratchy Land open for beezness! Who are you to resist?! C´mon, my children need wine!"

    British Guy Who Steals Homer´s Sugar
    Episode: Lisa´s Rival (Episode Two, Season Six)
    Why he´s awesome: After Homer falls asleep while guarding his enormous mound of sugar, he finds this Brit in the pile who´s nipped some of it for his tea. He then tells Homer that he´ll do it again.
    2982_itchyScratcy_clerk_l1.jpeg 2983_british_guy_l1.jpeg
  6. Korean Gymnast Kim Huong
    Episode: Lisa´s First Word (Episode 10, Season Four)
    Why he´s awesome: As Kent Brockman reports, Kim manages to land a perfect dismount from the rings on what was later confirmed to be a broken leg. Like a true Olympian, he lets out a terrifying scream when he hits the mat, but he doesn´t go down.