Maxim Magazine Presents: Fantastic Farrelly Brothers Movies

  1. Unlike most bros, the Farrelly Brothers are a hoot. In light of The Heartbreak Kid, we present six of their silliest moments.

    Me, Myself, & Irene
    The most underrated movie in the Farrelly Bros. canon? You´ve got the nice-guy Jim Carrey exchanging hip-hop-isms with his three genius mixed-race sons. You´ve got the mad-guy Carrey achieving particularly scatological revenge on a wayward neighbor. The best moment, however, is where the two Carreys meet: in a motel bathroom, where the nice guy deals with a urine-spraying issue prompted by the mad guy´s duplicitous seduction of Irene (Renée Zellweger). The chambermaid has some work ahead of her.
  2. Dumb and Dumber
    We could feature the entire movie here, really: The "Mockingbird" sing-along, the wildly chivalrous attempts at courting Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly), the angriest snowball assault in the history of celluloid, etc. But really, Lloyd and Harry are never quite as blissfully frenetic as they are during their unorthodox application of ketchup and mustard in the roadside diner. Napkins are for losers.
  3. Kingpin
    Yes, yes—they went to the making-out-with-old-ladies bit one time too many here. That said, NASCAR could learn a few things from the spectacle that is Ernie "Big Ern" McCracken´s introduction at the climactic tournament. Chills down our collective spine, pure chills.
  4. There´s Something About Mary
    The movie that spawned a zillion hair-gel bits is actually best when it goes the Three Stooges route, like the pre-prom incident ("we have a bleeder") or in the sequence when the wonderfully mustachioed Pat Healy (Matt Dillon) takes a haymaker to the throat. If Ali or Tyson has thrown a better punch, we haven´t seen it.
  5. Shallow Hal
    A kindler, gentler Farrelly Bros. movie, in that it suggests that love is blind. Or fat. Whatever. Anyway, while Jack Black´s manic energy might not be for everyone, you gotta admire how his egocentric, massively judgmental oaf gets down with all the large gals on the dance floor. He´s like a shorter, squatter Travolta out there.
  6. Stuck on You
    How is it possible that it took until 2003 to convince Cher to strut her surgically re-enhanced stuff in a Farrelly Brothers movie? The conjoined-twins aspect is mostly played for broad, nuance-free laughs; Cher´s image-tweaking appearance pushes the flick into the realm of the comically surreal.
  7. I think Outside Providence should be added to the list.

    It's got great characters, a great soundtrack and the book was excellent.