Maxim Hot 100 Party In Nyc

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  1. Megan FOX, 21, One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush, 24, and Ugly Betty star Rebecca Romijn ranked #18, #24 and #30 respectively on the Maxim Hot 100.



  3. i really like Linds dress
  4. Lindsey actually looks hot. I think her dress is Herve Leger (sp?)

    Megan Fox is cute, but not hot imo.

    Who voted for this? 13 yo boys? Umm don't tell me Avril made the list? And Haylie Duff looks very horsey in the face.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I think Megan Fox is very pretty, never really heard of her though

    Yes, Lindsay Lohan dress is Herve Leger
  7. Great pics! Keep em coming!
  8. So, I read that Lindsay is number 1 and Rebecca Romjin is number 30??? What is wrong with the editors??? I agree with Michael K from D-Listed: he said Lindsay probably b*** all of the editors to become number one.
  9. ^lol!!!
  10. Great photos, thanks! Avril looks awful, I thought she revamped her image? What a joke...
  11. Nice pics!
  12. i looooooooove lindays dress! is that herve leger? to die for! xxoxoxox
  13. wow lindsay looks good im shocked! and avril im sad cause i thought she had gotten herself looking really put together and pretty in recent photoshoots and such and there she looks like BLAH
  14. I cannot believe Lindsay is number 1...who on earth decides these things??!?!
  15. That's what I'm wondering! :yucky: Even though I do like Lindsay's dress. Rebecca Romjin looks great! :nuts: