'max'i versus/plus 'large' !?

  1. I have a ebano large Veneta and love love love this bag !
    After I saw the maxi version on Cameron Diaz I just thought that the maxi might be a
    even better choice and think of changing the size or even buy a maxi in a different colour...maybe 'steel'!
    Is there a big difference in the sizes ?Does any of you lady's own both sizes and is able to compare?I there any maxi owner who can post some measurements (in cm please)?
    Thanks in advance :smile:!
  2. There are many similar threads on the Large V the Maxi.

    Personally, I do love the maxi, it's on my wish-list. I like a lot of BV bags but not so many suit me.

    The most important difference (for me anyway) is that maxi drapes more as the gap is wider under the arm. The Large still looks like a 'proper' shoulder bag whereas the Maxi has a more casual feel. Its also not a type of shoulder bag that can be worn pushed back, and even if it did work it would prob look like a sail :biggrin:

    The Maxi is a different, more 'specialist' beast IMHO, it can look overwhelming for someone of a petite frame (unless that's the look they're going for). I have seen some people wear Maxis and look great but others look more that the Maxi is wearing them KWIM? I know that one TPF got rid of hers because carrying it was a practical impossiblity for her. Certainly I think neutral colours work better. Even though its big I dont think it will be easy to carry or great to look at 'stuffed', you really need to try it on (loaded) before buying.

    Love Steel and I think the Maxi will look amazing in the colour :tup:
  3. I've tried both and the weight of carrying around the Maxi left me feeling lethargic, but the Large feels light as a feather!