Maxi Veneta as baby bag?

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  1. Hi all, for those who have a maxi veneta:

    Would you be able to use this as a baby bag for an infant? I carry diapers, wipes, spare onesie, changing mat, and my personal items like wallet, LV agenda, and a couple pouches.

    It's been a while since I tried maxi in the store, and I feel like it would be big enough but I can't quite remember. I used to have a large veneta and know that would be way too small

    Thanks for the advice!
  2. I think a better style to get as a baby bag would be the "rete tote. I have both the maxi and tote. I use my tote to carry everything from groceries to gym gear. Is roomy and you can fit a lot while keeping everything at a glance.
  3. The maxi would not be my choice for a baby bag. I don't think the opening is wide enough even though it is a large bag. And because it doesn't have a base per se, I think items might bulge out.

    The Rete would certainly do the job but it might be too big. The smaller version might work.

    But here's another thought. Why a leather BV? Formula, breast milk, cleaning wipes, diaper cream--all could spill out into the lining and create a mess. Also, you're going to need to hurl this bag around and put in down in restrooms or on the floor when you change your wee one. I'm all for a nice baby bag, but thousands of dollars on a bag that will get clobbered with use in a short amount of time is not something I'd do. if you want BV, what about a Marco Polo tote? It's a lot more durable, still has clean lines, and costs a heck of a lot less. When you wee one is a year, then treat yourself to a really special BV.
  4. Thanks guys - looks like I should pass on the maxi for now. I already alternate between a goyard and not rational as my baby bag and think I may stick to this until the little one is a bit earlier :smile: