Maxi twilly, Maxi Happiness!

  1. Today is the official day for launching maxi twilly! May some of us contribute some pretty pictures here? It is an innovative design and is very user friendly due to its elongated shape.

    I will upload mine first. I got the canard cavalcadour and orange cavalcadour finally!!
  2. Here it comes. apologize for the photo quality. hope you get them if you love it.:p
    maxi twilly1.jpg maxi twilly2.jpg
  3. I never thought of buying a green scarf. But this design in this colour is beautiful. Congrats that you got this. Tonight is the night of the flying maxi twillies!
  4. Me neither! they reserved the black feather for me but once i saw thr green one, i took it without second thought。
    Yes, ladies are flooding there to grab them! it was so amazing!not difficult to imagine they r all gone within hours。
  5. Çongratulations, halothane! U are SO fair that u would look stunning with either of them!:smile:
  6. Your purple made me drool. Please show us the photos when u r available! I must keep an eye on it.
  7. I just returned from the boutique and bought 2 in the Brazil design which I love so much! I will use these to death!!!! I am extatic!!!!!!!!!! I will show pics ASAP!!!
  8. I ordered 3 today, 2 Brazil...... Can't wait to see what colours you chose :biggrin:
  9. Ooooh this is gorgeous, I'm tempted to order this one too but will see how I get on with the ones that are on there way to me....... What sort of green would you say this is does it have emerald in it ?
  10. You too!! IF, Let me guess the colours you'll pick. Red! You rock reds! There's no yellow this round. Maybe the black with yellow cw?
  11. I think it has some emerald with slight blue tone. To me it looks emerald under the sea. Please do show us once you get them!
  12. Oh BEAUTIFUL!!! I ordered 3 today and can't wait to see them. I am thinking they - are spool versatile - can be used as strap for handbags.:p
  13. Halothane...nice color..

    D lee...pls share the pic love to see them..

    Ladies pls share pic as well... I am thinking to get a few too...

    How would you ladies wear it...molding pic would be fun to see as well...
  14. What would you say the main colour is ? I was hoping to get them tomorrow but they haven't been dispatched yet so I imagine have been very busy :smile:
  15. I guess IF has picked pink :graucho: