MAXI silver, blue and purple! Voting Time!!!

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please choose the one thats sing the loudest song to ur heart!

  1. silver with very light gold hw

  2. blue with silver hw

  3. purple with silver hw

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi ladies, i am soooo gratefulllll for the existence of tpf =) i am so confuse and dunno which one to this season i just wanna buy 1 lambskin maxi...which one do u think more beautiful? and the one that you love more than others? the maxi in blue with silver chain or purple with silver chain or silver with very light gold chain? please vote and shoot me =) :graucho:

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  2. Which colors do you have already in your Chanel collection? Looking at an overall design usually helps...especially when all 3 bags are this gorgeous.
  3. blushpeony: i dont wanna buy a bag based on my collection this time =) i dont want people to be biased heuehueh, so what i can tell u, these three are very good for my closet, wont clash with my outfit =) thank you so much for responding =)
  4. :love::love: love the purple!
  5. I like the blue a lot but it does depends what colors you already have in your collection
  6. OMG those colors are TDF.....thanks for posting the pics., do you know which stores will carry which colors..........I love all three, I guess if I had to chose, I would take the purple, or the blue, or the silver.....I am no help whatsoever........:heart:H
  7. i like the blue best.

    it is the most unique.

    definitely not the neutral. it's nice, but the other two scream special, imho.
  8. OMG no way I'm voting, all three are gorgeous!
  9. The blue is amazing!!
  10. thx u so much ladies!
    i am actually surprised that nobody is voting for the silver it that ugly?
  11. I am votting for the silver one!! I am hoping it comes in medium size cos a maxi is too overwhelming for a shortie like me :smile:
  12. since red isn't an option, i say bbbbblue !! :P :heart: vx

    ps ~ i think the silver is pretty but maybe in such a big size you may feel it just a little bling bling ? :sunshine:
  13. This bag is amazing. I love it in the blue.

  14. viki: hauhuahau who said red is not in the option? huahuahauhauhau red is reserve for CAVIARRRRR maxi or jumbo yipeeeeee :yahoo:
    ririan: thxxx u for voting on poor silverrrhueheuehuehue =)
  15. Purple is my favorite color, but in this case the blue is the one that grabs me most.