Maxi or ITB flap?

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  1. I am thinking of getting a larger size flap which I can put a tablet in it to carry it to work.

    It looks like the two options are the maxi and In the Business (ITB) flaps...
    The maxi is available now while the ITB might (or might not) come back one of these days...

    Should I get the Maxi or the ITB? I don't mind waiting for the return of the ITB if it is a better option.

    Do you think I should go for the Maxi or the ITB? What are the pros and cons?

    Anyone here has both and can share your comparisons between the two?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Maxi hands down!
  3. Maxi definitely!!!
  4. I vote for maxi as well.
  5. ITB as it is not as expensive and lighter than Maxi. However, Maxi definitely holds it's shape better than ITB, especially the bottom corners. I bought the ITB primarily because of its price. Roominess and lightweight comes after that.
  6. Absolutely get the Maxi! 😃
  7. Maxi 100%
  8. It looks like the Maxi is currently the fave here... why no love for the ITB?

    Is the ITB significantly lighter than the Maxi double flap?

    Is the ITB roomier than the Maxi double flap?

    Would putting a base shaper in the ITB help with the issue? what do u mean by the bottom corners losing shape? Can you post a pic to show the issue? Thanks!
  9. I am not familiar enough with the itb. But, I still vote for the maxi. It is one of my all time favorite bags!
  10. If the price was the same I would go with the Maxi however the ITB flap is half the price

    If the question was ITB flap + GST or Maxi I would choose the ITB Flap + GST

    I have the ITB flap and it still looks brand new from when I bought it in 2010 or 2011 (can't remember exactly)
  11. I love maxi a lot... I have 6.... So my vote is maxi ;)
  12. I already have a GST, so it's just simply a decision between the Maxi and ITB.

    I think by the time the ITB calf leather comes back (if it comes back), it would be slightly more than half the price of the Maxi - given how Chanel increases its price - unless the Maxi price gets increased much more. But it's a BIG price difference.

    I am wondering if the difference in the durablity (if there's any) between the two bags would make the higher price worth it. It will be used regularly with substantial stuff inside... and I intend to use it for work for many years - not retiring any time soon. LOL. It's great to hear that your ITB still looks brand new after a few years. Do you use your ITB flap regularly?

    This also brings to the point of the weight difference between the two bags... I am wondering if there's a significant weight difference... Since I am going to put stuff inside, a much lighter bag will be better... on the other hand, I'm thinking that perhaps the leather interior will be easier to clean and more durable than the fabric interior...

    Gosh... I have to think about these are trade-offs in making my decision. If only the bag is leather interior and is also light. I wish there's a single flap Maxi. This would reduce the weight...

    Anyone here with both the Maxi and ITB? Could you please let me know your thoughts on the various trade-offs between the two bags? Pretty please...
  13. For those who vote for the Maxi and/have the Maxi, would you go for caviar or lambskin? I find the caviar really heavy (even when it is empty), while the empty lambskin is still acceptable... I am leaning towards the lambskin if I were to get the Maxi... but I would like to hear your thoughts between the caviar and lambskin... Any cautionary tales about a Maxi Black Lambskin? TIA.
  14. Business flap! It's lighter and it's calfskin. Maxi is too boxy and may not as roomy as business flap since it's double flap. I personally don't own a maxi cause it look too big on me. Business flap's chain is shorter than maxi and be prefect for cross body if need.
  15. I have both I took a picture so you can see the differences between the 2.

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