Maxi Mabel on Guys?

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  1. whats your take on the Maxi Mabel on guys? is any guy here who's got it?
  2. Well I think the antiqued oak would look great on a Guy as I think it's a more masculine bag . I was only thinking that when I was in a Mulberry store yesterday..
  3. Its got to be better then those silly white " man Bags " Mulberry have online at the mo !!!
  4. Tara, that's the Bailey. I saw one in Bicester on Thursday in Pebble and it was H-U-G-E... and I normally love oversized bags :lol:

    Regarding, the maxi, I just think that because the bag is called a "Mabel" it would put any guy off carrying it. However, that doesn't stop Mulberry trying to market it to them. I phoned Selfridges yesterday to see if they are carrying the aqua Mabel - they're not :crybaby: but they told me that they had the aqua Maxi Mabel "upstairs in menswear" :roflmfao: I'm dying to know how many aqua bags they sell to men :yes:
  5. Would a man seriously carry an aqua mabel though?! :s Its quite a girly colour I would have thought....
  6. I can't think of a single man that I know who would carry an aqua maxi Mabel, even if they were given it for free :nogood:
  7. Tell me about it!

    A while back I bought a large brown canvas messenger bag from the mens section in accessorize. Bought it for files mainly at the time, however I never used it for that purpose. I suggested to the OH that perhaps we could use it on trips, and take it in turns to carry it, as it was a bag that we could both use.... the look of horror on his face :wtf::lol: He was adamant that there was no way he was going to be carrying a ladies bag (because it was a messenger style from accessorize) - no amount of persuading had any effect, so it went to the charity shop in the end :rolleyes:

  8. Darn, Tara, that's what I was going to get DH for Father's Day!! Off to rethink!!!:lol::lol::upsidedown:

    Can you imagine my DH from Texas who wears Wrangler jeans and button down shirts carrying a white "Man" bag???:roflmfao: Send me straight to the funny farm!
  9. Having spent quite a bit of time in Texas Kroquet , quite frankly NO . He would get run out of town..
  10. Flossie - he won't even wear a pink shirt and they look fab on him! He has the most gorgeous silver hair which looks wonderful with those Ralph Lauren pinks. So sad. I don't think I could even get him tipsy enough to wear!
  11. Oh thats a shame I do love a man in a pink shirt!!! Infact my DH is wearing a pink stripy Paul Smith today ( I bought it) .Those RL are fabby , blue chambray is lovely too...
  12. I love those stripy Paul Smith shirts!! Sadly, DH just doesn't get it that he might get luckier in a pink shirt!!! LOL
  13. Too funny Kroquet.......
  14. thanks for the input. i might consider a brown one, once i'm back in London.
  15. Great - do post a pic when you have it!
    In the Hermes forum, there are a couple of guys with large Birkins, looking fab. And the Mabel is even more neutral than that, so that should be perfect. The large Bayswater might also be a choice for he right guy. I do wish more stylish men carried bags over here (instead of depositing their stuff in their pockets or in our bags). In Paris, you see that quite a lot.