Maxi lovers...Need your Advice:)

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  1. Wow..I Want Jumbo so much before..
    But now, I'm sure maxi's best for me..
    No doubtful more...:biggrin:
    Thank you
  2. i'm 160 too
    and i love maxi
    prefer maxi than jumbo..
  3. What about using maxi in crossbody..
    have you try it..?
  4. Hmmm maxi chain is shorter than jumbo
    So when I wear it crossbody it falls a tad on the upper hip...
    When I wear jumbo crossbody it falls more on the lower side on the hip...
    I guess u'll get both eventually just like me and some of us in the forum :P
  5. I just bought MAXI in caviar black with silver hardware. Nordstrom is offering giftcards for purchases Sept 22-26 2010. so will get $240 in gift cards. Waiting for it to arrive and hope it was worth the $$ as it is a LOT $$ compared with GST. but as you said, classic, perfect to carry everything and dressy enough for casual dinner. listening to the comments, hope to love it too! wanted to have a classic flap, big enough to be really practical.
  6. Do u have picture using maxi and jumbo?..if u don't mind:biggrin:
    Just want to know the difference..because we are similiar..
  7. Congratsss..
    Enjoy your beautiful Maxi dear:biggrin:
  8. The only thing that I love more than my cavier maxi is my lambskin vintage jumbo xl. Both are the same size (love the extra room), but I kind of like the way the handles are situated on the jumbo (visually more bling from the chain handles both being shown).