Maxi lovers...Need your Advice:)

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  1. Hi,

    I got my first Maxi jumbo in caviar leather with GWH in mid sept. Actually I want Jumbo so much, but there wasn't stock available in Paris:sad:
    So, what do you think about Maxi? Is it worth enough?
    Can I use it for any occasion? daily and in the evening?


  2. I have a Maxi, although mine is older. I think it is the perfect bag for daytime and I can not imagine having a smaller bag.
    However, I do think it is a bit big for dressy evening looks. If your evening look is casual, say dark jeans and a sparkly top, then it would be perfect.
  3. Hmmmm. I like maxi best but not really for evening. Gl
  4. Loves all your opinion. Thank you:smile:) Yeah I usually use casual look in evening.
    mmm..I'm only 160 cm tall..Do you both think maxi's fit me?
    I love flat shoes..
  5. I used my Coral Patent Chevron Maxi everyday all summer and for casual evenings. It is a great size because it really holds a lot and still looks polished. I personally like the bigger bag look so, I think it would be perfect for you.
  6. I love the Maxi, but I would go with a smaller bag for evening - like a WOC or M/L
  7. ^ I agree with that!
  8. i adore big bags even on petite gals & think a Chanel maxi can go anywhere but for a black tie wedding or formal event...
    btw ~ i saw the 09 fuschia maxi on the bay for $6500!
  9. make me fall in Love more..more..n more with Maxi:yahoo:
  10. I bought a Maxi in sept too and i totally adore it. I could use it everyday(work, shopping, dates). It was pretty convenient as i could carry more things than the Jumbo.
    I really think its fine to carry it on dates.. but if its a formal evening event, its best to carry something smaller like what JetSetGo! has mentioned. :smile:
  11. Congrats! We are bag twins and I adore my maxi! I carried it today and received tons of compliments. It is very roomy and fabulous for daily wear. However, for evenings I too would prefer my WOCs, my 226 or my Westminster Flap (it is m/l siz). There are so many wonderful choices! Enjoy your new maxi!
  12. I love Maxi too. While some may say that it's too big for a petite, but I feel that big can be pretty too!
    I have both jumbo & Maxi, I would say Maxi is my everyday bag for work :biggrin:
  13. Yeah..I can put a lots in Maxi..:smile: yippie
    Do Please tell me about your jumbo..
    Is it many difference in size? compared with maxi..
    Thanks gals..
    You are all the best:smile:):hugs:
  14. Me too!
  15. Jumbo : 12" x 8" x 3"
    Maxi : 13" x 9" x 4"

    There's a small difference in the size between Jumbo & Maxi. While jumbo suffice for everyday use, I prefer Maxi as I can reach out for my stuffs easily. In addition, the length of the chain is much shorter on Maxi then Jumbo which works better on petite like me :smile:

    You can also refer to this page Style Codes and Dimensions of the Timeless Classics for more information on the sizes. Hope this is helpful for you ;)