MAXI: Keep or not to keep?

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  1. I've been away from Chanel forum for a I was at NM and they happened to receive Maxi bags. I really liked Lamb skin in Black and Red, and ended up buying the Red Maxi.

    Now I'm searching through Chanel forum, and reading all the posts about problems with Maxi bag.... with wings and being too soft. I can actually see now that the bag may end up being very slouchy and look worn due to the size.
    I'm afraid now that the bag will not hold up well and crease in the middle or something. Since I have no idea how Chanel bag has been in the last few seasons quality-wise , I would love to hear people's opinion on the recent lamb skin quality and all...but ultimate question is should I keep the bag??:confused1::confused1:
  2. Did you try to load up your bag with things and did it slouch ?
  3. Kuromi,

    It hasn't slouched when I put the stuff in yet. But I see a little curling up at the one side of the flap edge, which is def. making me concern a lot.
  4. I have read from other threads there is a possibility that the Maxi leather might become softer and softer after much use and time. However, no one can confirm yet since it's still a very new launch. I would suggest if you really hate it to look slouchy, it's probably a better idea to return it rather than risking it? ;)
  5. Personally, I prefer strong structure and leather for my classic flaps. So when I read about all the maxi problems here, I took my name off the wait lists. I don't want to deal with problems down the road after spending $3k on a bag.

    Of course, I may cave when I see the beauties at the trunk show next month. :sweatdrop:
  6. ^^I agree. Return it and get one in caviar leather.
  7. I just got mine and I have no problems. I think it will hold up fine. Its got nice thick leather.
  8. If you're worried now, when it's new, take it back. Perhaps something a little more structured? Jumbo rather than a maxi? Or, you could get a vintage maxi.;)
  9. im not a fan of the maxi imoh.. but its totaly up to u..
  10. keep keep keep!
  11. I like this bag, but it is up to you. If I had one I would keep it for sure
  12. Don't keep it, return and exchange for a caviar. the leather is really too soft IMO and not sure if it can last even longer than i thought.
  13. if you are uncomfortable with the bag, return it.
    Nothing beats being happy with what you purchased.

    I too am worry about the slouch factor of the maxi flap, I still strongly preferred the structured look of flap.
  14. can we see piccies of your bag, it might help us to give opinions (and I love looking at them lol)

  15. did u see the caviar maxi?I got one and it doesnt wing!!I think its much more sturdy than the lamb