Maxi just arrived!

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  1. Im off for a long driving day(PHH grandpa in I have to drive 3 hours to take his mom to see him...WITH the baby in tow...!)
    I wanted to post one pic for u all before i leave!
    LOVES THE NEW CAVIAR!:heart::tup::smile::drool:
    photo.jpg photo-1.jpg
  2. AND....yes..Ill get modeling pics for u all later!!!
  3. Congrats!! I got it also and I LOVE it!!
  4. ^Did u get it from Jillian too??LOL!
  5. Yeah Jill!! Congratulations!! :yahoo: Would love to see modeling pics!
  6. Gorgeous bag...congrats!
  7. Its gorgeous! Congrats!!
  8. Looking forward to modeling pics, I am still not sure if I love the maxi! I must see it in person when my boutique gets one. ;)
  9. Love it , congrats!!!
  10. I didn't get it from Jillian - I got it from Vegas - but I am going to use Jillian now, I really liked her.
  11. Wow...Jill....very nice!!! Congrats!
    I hope PHH grandpa is ok.
    Glad you like the new caviar - is yours "distressed"? I thought it was a tad too soft!
  12. It's really, really beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing.
  13. This caviar is SOFTER..which NORMALLY..I DESPISE!...BUT.....i really think this caviar will hold up.just a feeling.I didnt even want a maxi till i saw it at the trunk was love at first sight.In all honesty..I dont think the maxi photographs well and in reality,is WAY NICER IRL.
  14. Gorgeous, got mine too on Monday :smile:

    Love the new caviar, it's very lightweight and the strap is shorter than the jumbo classic
  15. ^I havent even unwrapped her....u can still wear it messenger???I hope....??