Maxi Dressses/Long Dresses?

  1. I've seen a bunch of these in stores and in magazines recently, and I think some of them are pretty cute!

    My question is, who do you have to be to pull them off? I'm not super tall, but not short either (5'5). I've seen photos of short celebrities wearing them, and they look great. So who can wear them, and what do you wear them with?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. I've got one I bought recently (its Black with Red flowers on) and I just wear Black Flip Flops with it and my Black BBag. I'm 5ft 5in too and put it this way - I think I look good!!
  3. Although I think that they are really cute on other people, I think that they make me look dumpy.

    I am about 5'6" and have sort of chunky ankles, maybe it is a better look on girls with slimmer legs, but on me they are not a good look.
  4. I think I'll probably like them more once I get used to seeing them again. They were a style quite popular in the '60s and so they remind me of hippies and flower power and that sort of thing.

    Of course long evening gowns are another matter. I don't need to adjust my way of thinking to always think they're pretty.
  5. I see a ton of hostess dresses here...outdoor parties, dinner, etc. I love the look.
  6. I have so many of them this season. I love them. You can dress up or down a maxi dress:love:. Make sure it does not drag the ground. I normally pair mine with espadrilles,my vintage style Candies or some slightly wedged metallic thongs because I am 5'2. I wear a cropped denim jacket if I want to cover my shoulders or sometimes a fitted tee or cami underneath. I pile on graduated beads or a scarf as a headband to accessorize the the dress. You can have some much fun with these dresses.
  7. I just brought one the other day and I love it! Its turqoise, green and black.
    Im 5'4 and a size 8 UK, its a perfect length for me wearing flip flops.
    Im planning on wearing it with flip flops a little 3/4 cardigan and my BIG dior glossy sunnies!
    Here comes the summer!!!
  8. I've belted a maxi dress right under the bust and that usually helps to make sure your frame is not getting lost under all those zillions of yards of fabric. You can do a loose belt or scarf around the hips, too, depending on the cut of the dress (simple A-lines would respond well to this...if it's an empire shape, reinforce that cut by keeping the belt/scarf higher).
  9. I'm only 5'3" and i bought this one

    i think as long as they're not too full you can get away with it. If you buy a full one then do as jewelssss suggested and belt it in under the bust to give you definition.

  10. Thanks for everyone's comments, I definitely need to try one of these on!
  11. These are a key look this summer. I think Nicole Ritchie pulls them off so well. Wear them with gladiator sandals (very this season as well), a slouchy bag, chunky jewellery, sunglasses and attitude!
  12. They have to be loose-fitting, like a kaftan, IMO.

    I agree with Vogue. Go for the full-out boho look if you're going to wear them.