Maxi Dresses on short women

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  1. Ok I have been eying them and want one so bad but I'm 4"11 and Large chested! small waist , do you think I might be able to find one that looks good on me? or do you think I am just too short for one to look right?
    I love this one
    gojane_2062_143263918.jpg :nuts:
  2. I love the look of the Maxi dresses too & I have the same dilemma as I'm also petite. I have quite a few Maxis that are really cute & luckily just the right length. I have 2 Maxis that I had to cut the bottom & resew the edges. Some minor alterations you can do esp. w/ the ones that don't have any ruffles on the bottom.
  3. I am sure you love this dress because is realy great one advice for shorter frame prints , darker colors make a look leaner , wear high heels to make you taller , try simple not busy one ...sometimes work great , sometimes not ..but dont worry its a lots of dresses that can make you look beautifulllll........
  4. I think you can find a maxi dress that fits you for sure.

    I'm about 4'8 and I think I look ok in maxi dress. Here is a floral print one although I havent had the chance to get it taken up.
  5. Wear wedges or high heels under!
  6. I would have to see you in it to say for sure but since that one has an empire waist or belt or something just wear heels and I think it would look fine.

    Some shorter people can appear taller depending on a lot of things too. I'm only 5'6 but people see me as taller since I have longer legs
    So it does depend
  7. Definitely try one! I'm a shortie, 5'3, but I have several. I love them.

    ITA that you should aim for an empire waisted dress. Very flattering for big-chested girls. I've got two that have floral prints, if you get quite big prints it can be quite nice, fussy small prints don't help to minimise certain aspects :P
    I then have another three that are simple block colours, black white and navy blue. They're my more casual dresses, though you can easily dress them up.

    I like the one you've got for an example, it's simple and pretty!
  8. Even if you find one that is the right length, I think the look makes a short person look shorter. I'm 5'1" and I find the most flattering dresses for me hit at the knee or above.
  9. yea thats whatI always find. Just Love the maxi's on everyone else
  10. I'm Only Just Over 5ft,I Have To Pick My Dresses Up,Because I Don't Want It Cutting.
  11. Dimple, you look fabulous. I am 5 feet and I think it looks great. At least that is what people have said. lol I have only solid colors though.
  12. i think maxi dresses look nice on petite girls as well as tall girls, it's just finding the right one, but i don't know how flattering it will be if u have a big bust
  13. I'm 5'2 and love maxi dresses! I think they make me look taller. Also, the straighter the skirt, the better it looks. If the skirt is too full, it can make me look dumpy. Not too much detail, either.
  14. I'm petite with a big chest and I own several maxis!!! I got lucky with the first two that I bought because they are the perfect length but if its too long then i'm sure that a seamstress can shorten the hem easily. I love the empire waist look but it really does enhance your chest a LOT! LOL my friends manager said that my dress was inappropriate for a event at my friend's work! Uh its a maxi dress...i'm sure its fine!
  15. yes wedges are a great fix. One of my good friends is really short (5' ) and just wears some wedges and maxi dresses look great on her