Maxi Dress

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  1. I'm looking for a maxi dress has anyone seen any nice one's in the UK or online?
  2. i saw a couple in-store at jcrew today, you might want to check their website.
  3. The Jcrew ones are GORGEOUS!! I also saw some by Tbags....
  4. miss selfridge have some great ones.
  5. Yes I agree look at miss selfrige
  6. i saw a gorgeous one in the petite section in dorothy perkins but i havent seen it since! it was ADORABLE! pink flowerly print and white too! i really really want it!
  7. maxidress2.jpg

    £45 from Miss Selfridge


    £30 from Topshop


    £45 from


    £45 from


    $92, Ella Moss,
  8. These two are from Primark, they're a bargain at £12 each!!!


  9. I really love these two from dorothy perkins, i might order one for myself and they're only £40 !


  10. ^^^^
    love the first one! can't believe that there from Dorothy Perkins, they look much more expensive!
  11. Yep, i got the 2 Miss Selfridge ones, they are fab. I managed to get the Primark one off of eBay, as they have all sold out in store, and it was still under 20 pounds there, its soooo long tho, I had to cut the entire bottom tier off of it!!
  12. glad i found this thread... i have been looking everywhere for a maxi dress here in london... but alas no avail :sad:
  13. What about Primark??
  14. never been there...

    looking for something not too expensive.. but not cheap looking
  15. Just got an e-mail from Topshop and they have a whole bunch of them