Maxi Dress! I found one!!!! Nay or Yay????

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  1. Ok Found this< its beautiful! what do you think of it? and of it on me?
  2. I love it and it looks great on you! Colors are really fun, and the length is spot on.
  3. I like it! It's a very nice colour and it seems to be the perfect lenght!
  4. I KNOW AND I'M 4'11!!!! It's like it was made for me! haha! I couldn't believe I found one that didn't need to me taken up! I can wear wedges or heels with it!!!
  5. Wow, love it and it makes you look way taller than 4'11"!
  6. Love it!
  7. 4'11" ?! Get out! It makes you look way taller.
  8. LOL yeap no joke!
  9. Very summer!
  10. I like it, it does look great and does make you look taller!
  11. Definitely yay!
  12. thanks
  13. You look absolutely beautiful !!!!
  14. Yay - you look amazing in it! Love the colors!
    Good boob coverage
    Makes you look tall and slim
    (not that looking short and curvy are a bad thing - I'm short and curvy!)
  15. that is gorgeous!! I love it