Maxi Coat

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  1. Hi ladies, I saw this Nanette Lepore coat today and am in lust with it!

    Problem one is that I can't find it bigger than an 8, which will not work for me (broad shoulder/big boobs). Problem two is that it's a leeetle expensive for something that I won't in all likelihood get much use out of. It just doesn't get that cold here.

    Any ideas for a maxi coat of reasonable quality (doesn't look cheap) that's closer to $300-400 and available in a 12 or 14? I'm between a 10-12 in Nanette Lepore, but find her sizing to be on the generous side. I'm not interested in black or camel and not tied to any particular element in the coat I linked to, but a single-breasted design will probably be more flattering on me (not opposed to double-breasted though!).
  2. Oh also please tell me if I'm dreaming on the price point - I don't shop for coats often!
  3. hi OP,

    i thought the coat that you posted was beautiful..if their sizing is generous..i'd give it a try. to me i thought the price was okay. i checked out the blend of the fabrics and content, it's mostly wool but i think most cost would be for the design and it's made in NYC which could be another reason of the price point.

    other places you can check would be ann taylor loft, zara, anne klein...GL!!
  4. Thanks, I'll look! I tried the 8 on and the shoulders were just way too small :sad:
  5. The Nanette Lepore coat is TDF. I have it saved on my wish list since it debuted online. Do you absolutely need it for this fall?.....or are you willing to wait till sale time and buy it as an investment piece that you can wear for next fall and later. NL always goes on sale, always always always, most of my NL pieces over the years were purchased at 50+% off I always wait till sale time (just be sure to jot down the SKU #'s / bookmark the websites/etc., it's carried at Bloomies/Saks online, perhaps NM stores as well(?), so stalk the stores around sale time).

    Also Bloomies has their family & friends event coming up in September (probably around 20% off, if you sign up for online email updates you can get an extra 10% code). Here's the bloomies link for that coat -- -- they had a lot of sizes a few days ago but sold out rather quickly (not surprised, it is a gorgeous classic plus the 15-20% off charity fashion promotion they had must have motivated a lot of buyers to pull the plug).....but it's worth checking back as sizes do pop back up. You can also call Bloomies 1-800 customer service and ask them to check store inventory for that item (item # 560970). Bloomies stores do mark-downs very frequently (often every couple of weeks, unlike NM/Saks/Barneys' seasonal mark-down system) so you may luck out with a mark-down on that coat soon. carries that coat in black -- -- not sure about b&m stores though.
  6. Wow, thanks for all the info! I could definitely see it as an investment piece, and I won't really "need" until November (October is usually our warmest month!)... I always hesitate with Nanette Lepore too because of the inevitable markdowns, but when things do get marked down my size is often sold out. :Push:

    I wonder if it wasn't made in sizes larger than 8 (since that's the largest size on the Nanette Lepore website) and I'm wasting my time thinking about this coat. :sad:
  7. Oh, just checked the black one at Saks and they have 10 and 12 for pre-order.... hmmmmmm.... If only it were the blue one!
  8. Wow - that NL coat is gorgeous!!!
  9. So how do u think about the style of this gap wool blend wrap coat. I'm crazy about it. Looks gorgeous, right? Hope u like it.
  10. ^ I like it, but want something longer. Thanks!